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Thursday, August 30, 2012

S.O.W. & Thumpin' Thursday

This week's  Song of the Week:

Thumpin' Thursday:   Waiting

Morning Moment: Consideration

Today was an out of control day, I literally had about 4 hours of sleep and half hour naps here and there, planning for an even that never occurred. It made me realize that just because you may have consideration for other people and what they are doing doesn't mean that they would necessarily reciprocate.

In all of this being patient and asking God for understanding is key because there are plenty of times when He gave us consideration and we didn't reciprocate.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seduction vs Celibacy


Yes, you CAN spend time with him/her and not end up in a hot mess.

The first thing to realize in a relationship is the need for and to establish boundaries. Boundaries do not have to be seen  as something bad as if you’re a child placed in a playpen. Even though unpleasant at times for the child, the play pen will keep the child safe while the parent completes important tasks in the house that otherwise would harm them. Like cooking for instance. Hot oil or water may splash out and hurt the child. The play pen is needed to keep the child safe from harm. This minor unpleasantness, and small restriction is a small price to pay for the ultimate safety and well being of the child.
Boundaries keep us safe. Another good example of this are the marking that can be found on the road. A double yellow line means one thing, while the single line means another.
These lines of demarcation represent an order that has been instituted to keep us safe. It’s a general guideline for road and traffic safety and regulation. These boundaries give us freedom to drive in a safe environment (Clearly this is the case when all are following the rules)
The same applies in a relationship. Both parties involved need to establish guidelines for happiness in the Lord. Let’s take a look at the topic of premarital sex. If one is interested in sexual intimacy and the other isn’t, then it’s important for the interested party to first and foremost understand that this type of behavior is forbidden by God. Any Christian Seventh Day Adventist who truly believes in and loves the Lord, knowing him in a personal relationship would cringe at the thought of hurting the Lord , disobeying His word, and making their other feel pressured, conned, deceived or otherwise bringing the other person into a  premarital union that would disgrace the Name they bear.
“But can’t we practice safe sex? And not let anyone know?”  No sex outside of God’s will is ever truly safe. There’s more to sex than just physical consequences. Here are spiritual and moral ramifications. The enemy is after our souls and knows he can destroy us by controlling our minds. Sex out side of marriage weakens morale and destroys mental integrity/ It weakens the bond between man and God, and replaces it with selfish desires.

“We’re engaged and about to get married anyway. We mutually don’t see anyone else in our future. What’s the big deal anyway?”
God knows and that’s all that  should really matter to anyone anyway. Furthermore, refraining from sin just  because we’re afraid of going to hell is serving God out of fear rather than love. You’ll be hell bound. So make up your minds if you will be hot or cold for the Lord. Because God rejects lukewarm people.
True love is manifest in god. We can only know how to love when we bask in the presence of His Son. The Bible says that no man can come to the Father except through the Son.
We cannot display love unless we have been in closest communion with Christ, our Savior and Lord.
By beholding we are changed.
By being in His constant company, we will be influenced into a righteous character. This character would be seen by others and serve as a witness, an example as to one’s moral fortitude. When each one involved in a romantic pair embody the likeness of Christ, then the two would not only be uninterested in sinful indulgences, they would be as a spiritual beacon, a light, if you will, to other couples around them.
"What are some things that I /we can do to refrain from sexual indiscretions?"(ie: Premarital Sex, Pornography, Masturbation, Lust, Lasciviousness)
1. First and foremost, there needs to be a desire to do what’s right. To hate wrong doing and love the Lord.
2. Submit your minds and bodies unto the Lord. Realizing you don’t  belong to yourselves.
You belong to God.  "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7
3.  Pray with this in mind. Prayer can help in that the Holy Spirit will subdue the unholy passion. The God of Heaven will dispatch angels to beat back the enemy, change your frame of mind and keep you on the right paths.
4. Keep yourself busy because the devil finds work for idle hands.
5. Don’t go out of your way to put yourself in situations to be tempted. Ie: Being alone in secluded places.
6. Be vocal about your stance to your partner.
7. Self Help Books.
Studying the Bible and Quarterly Lesson are great But having extra ammunition like the morning watch, devotionals and other self help books and guides is even better. Go to your local library.  Yahoo or Google keywords of interest to you. Check out sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Since you’re here, you can also check out our
I pray that these words would be a beacon of spiritual light to you and encourage and uplift you as you contemplate these issues.  Quality time doesn’t compromise Christ in any way. Rather, it elevates Him, enobles our hearts and affections to Him, and draws us closer to our

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweet 'N' Single

Turn't up Tuesday presents Sweet 'N' Single

Being single doesn’t have to mean that something is wrong with you or that you are some strange spectacle. Many opt for the single lifestyle for a variety of reasons.
Some may include:

-Not interested
   Ie: Have been hurt in the past and would prefer not to be bothered with the whole thing.
(I've heard of one such brother who chose this route and people in the congregation labelled him as gay.)
-Too busy
   Overburdened with responsibility such as work, school, church etc.
     Waiting on God
-Not ready
  Too young to date
-Don’t see anyone worth their time Or feel opposite gender is immature
-Know themselves and don’t want to be in a compromising situation.
-Are enjoying being alone too much and feel a relationship will tie them down, hamper them. This is especially true if they are quite successful, educationally, financially, socially, etc.
Taking care of a sick family member
A pressing personal issue or issues
Concerned about gold digging, so they’d rather be left alone.
Have a high standard that no one they’ve seen have.

Embrace Your Singleness
Accepting your unique situation is the first step to becoming appreciative of being a single SDA. Don’t let other people pressure you into forming unions with anyone, period.
It’s a common belief in especially in the church that once a woman reaches 30 and hasn’t been married yet, that the chances of them marrying later are practically nonexistent. No one will want to marry an old woman. Or she may have something inherently wrong with her that has kept her from being in a relationship for so long.
This is foolishness. Women being 30 and single is a blessing and not a curse.
Many, (not all) couples that marry pre-30 are prone to have serious issues in the relationship.
Ie: Having children too early
Marrying just because they want ‘holy sex’
Marrying anyone and settling due to pressure from meddlers.
One or both not being mature enough to handle a relationship, let alone marriage.
One or both having not completed a formal education, thus leaving them unable to adequately facilitate the financial aspect of a relationship.
So if you’re 30 and unattached, whether male or female, seek Christ first and everything will fall into place.
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Being single doesn’t have to be a sour experience. Here are some suggestions on making your single life the sweetest experience ever.

Learn to Ignore Foolishness

Other people can flaunt their accomplishments in your face. Ie: “I got married before you” Don’t become jealous. Ignore these attempts to get you upset. Keep stepping and living righteously. You may learn tha your ex just hooked up with your best friend, church members may constantly try to pair you up with some ‘nice gyal’ or some docta’ need to be respectfully put in their place. Responses like “God’s time is my time” “They that wait upon the Lord, will renew their strength”, or “what God has for me. It is for me” or a “thanks, but no thanks”  or no response in special cases are adequate ways of curtailing busy bodies.

Keep Productive
Singles are a viable force in the church. Simply put, they can go places where married people cant. They don’t have all the obligations of family to think about. Stay active in the church and stay focused on Christ and his imminent return.

Don’t Be Desperate. Keep your standards high.
Never settle. It’s better to be alone than unhappy. Compromising your beliefs by wearing super provacative clothing to church and associating with people who don't have your same standards is foolish and desperate.
“Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”- Colossians 3:12

Laughing at every joke someone makes is also very unattractive. Constantly calling them or watching them incessantly at church from any distance is stalking. It's creepy, unattractive and uncool. This includes stalking their Myspace, adding all their friends as your friends, Facebooking them to death, emailing them nonsense, and texting them idle conversation.
They moved on. Life goes on, and so should you.
{} A meek and loving spirit never goes out of style. Pray for the Spirit of discernment that you will be able to distinguish people's motives. You'll be able to form better friendships and be able to spot a wolf in sheep's clothing a mile away.
{} Liven up yourself.
The Bible says when we are fasting, we musn't have long, tired faces, lest in so doing, we let anyone know that we are fasting.Instead, we should wash our faces, so no on eknows, only God.And He will reward us openly for that whch we have done in secret.
The same applies to the single life. Don't complain to anyone about your being single or unmarried. Or if you are, stop. Stop looking depressed, desperate and thirsty. Quench yourself with the Living Waters. Wash your face. Tidy up. Comb your hair. Shave! talk to the Lord about everything.
Abide in Him, and He will bless you abundantly.

I also want to thank all of you for sharing, reposting and commenting on last week's Turn't Up Tuesday special feature: From Porn to the Pulpit. 

Minister Danielle Williams is a special woman with a special message for everyone. There are those who are in the church who want to live the lifestyle she came out of, and those that secretly are. Please read and be encouraged by her testimony, and listen to her exhalation of the Most High as she relays how he brought her out of a miry lifestyle into one full of happiness, peace and joy.


 A Morning Moment

The closest some people will get to a church is contact with you. True evangelism is a life lived so that others can't help but see the glow of Christ on you. You will be hated for it. You may be despised, made fun of, rejected and backstabbed by professed Christians, but no matter what, pray that you never lose the glow by losing sight of what God has appointed you to do.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Morning Moment

Not exactly a Morning Moment, but a moment just the same:
Imagine a life where the you that you know now meets the you that you used to be.
Has anything changed? For the better for the worse?
Put the same 2 you's in a ring. Who would make it out?
What are the implications of this outcome?
What does this say about the difference time and experience has on you?..your influence on others?

Just food for thought.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Morning Moment: REJECTS

Morning Moment: REJECTS

This is a repost from Rodney A. Brown Senior:

John 15:19 "The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world. I chose you to come out of the world, so it hates you."

Never forget that the devil only attacks a threat. So be prepared for the assault with the sword of Truth...the daily Word of God.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sabbath Special

So this was Youth Day at my new church and it was rockin'!
first of all I was blessed to be a apart of an amazing praise team. I finally got the alto part for total praise down pat yesterday evening just in time.
I made some new friends, really cool people... just keep the tenors  away from the strawberries LOL

We were blessed with a performance during divine hour and I am praying she will grace the Glorious Gospel According to Her mixtape with her ministry. I speak of none other than Nicky B, singer, and songwriter. She did two original songs today, and had us rolling at lunch time.

   Gazzy came through for AY it was AMAZING. I mean I was so rapt I didn't even get a chance to record the whole event. He spoke about faith, and how it comes by hearing. Tidbit I didn't know until today....when one dies the last mechanism to go is your hearing. You can't hear...but its mechanism is the last to go. likewise when we lose faith, the FIRST THING TO GO IS OUR HEARING. Because we become partakers with Christ by first hearing and then by becoming doers of the word. If we are cold or lukewarm then that mans something is wrong with our hearing. Oh I wish there were two of me to partake in the wonderful ministry Gaz has got going on. Pray for him and the ministry!
What was cool was that he told me I need to get Minister Danielle Williams, the blessed woman of God that came out of the darkness of pornography and into the light of Jesus Christ out here to speak. Which is also great because it means that the blog is being shared which is awesome. I made the Minister Danielle Williams post on Tuesday, and already it is my most popular post to date. On the front of the site, you'll see the popular posts listed by rank. I pray you all read it and become transformed and share it.

I also got a chance to hear a new song by Singer/Songwriter & leader of Evidence of Grace,  James Thomas. What an awesome guy! Here we had been with 47 mutual friends, and only linked up today...WATCH OUT WORLD!

P.S. We will be mutual Twitter stalkers :-)

James, Dana, Carla and J.P.


This morning, the Lord saw it fit that I share wisdom from another saint. I am blessed because blogging is deceptively time intensive, and I have a full day ahead of me.
This is a repost from Brother E. Holloman:

God's Daily Holy Lesson Teaches Us:

Stop Condemning Each Other

Romans 14:10-19 So let’s stop condemning each other. Decide instead to live in such a way that you will not cause another believer to stumble and fall.

[Romans 14:13] Romans 14:13 uses a play on words that can’t be rendered in English. The verse reads, literally, “So, let us no longer judge each other. But judge this way instead: n

ot to put a stumbling block or offense in the way of a brother or sister.” This verse says, in effect, “Don’t judge this way; judge this way instead!”

The NLT rightly conveys the sense of the judgment we’re to avoid: “So let’s stop condemning each other.” Paul is not saying that we should blithely accept everything our fellow Christians say or think. There are times for discernment, as well as for admonishment and correction. But even when we disagree over crucial matters, we must avoid haughty condemnation. If our beliefs are true or our actions righteous, credit goes to God. In the context of Romans 14, however, Paul is focusing especially on issues that are not essential. When we differ with other believers over the nonessentials, we should avoid judging them.

How might Romans 14:13 play out in our context? I have witnessed or experienced condemnation among Christians over such matters as: whether one drinks alcohol or not; whom one prefers for President; whether one is “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” how one speaks of biblical authority; whether or not one is a Calvinist or a Wesleyan; what one believes about same-sex marriage in a civil context, how one thinks women should or should not minister in church, etc. Surely these are matters about which Christians will disagree. But we must make sure that our disagreements don’t morph into condemnation that keeps people from growing in their knowledge of and obedience to God’s truth.

Have you ever experienced condemnation by other Christians? Over what issues? Do you tend to look down on, or even to judge, other Christians who disagree with you? Over what issues?

Dear Lord, I must confess that I do look down on my fellow believers. You know the ones I’m talking about. Their views bother me. Their self-assured manner bothers me. The fact that they often look down on me because of my views bothers me. But being bothered is one thing. Condemning my fellow Christians is another. It is a sin. So I confess, Lord, that I have sinned in this way. Please forgive me. Moreover, give me a heart of acceptance for all of my Christian siblings. Such acceptance won’t mean that I affirm their beliefs if I think they are incorrect. And it won’t mean that I endorse behavior that is contrary to your Word. But I need to look upon people, even and especially those with whom I disagree, with grace and love. So help me, Lord, to “judge” to live in such a way that I do not put a stumbling block in the way of another because of my judgmentalism. Amen.


There is a difference between judgement and discernment, although in order to judge, one needs discernment. The book of Judges reflects the children of Israelites' setting up of judges under Divine direction so that they could have their issues and disputes settled among themselves.
The phrase don't judge others means that we are not to self appoint ourselves with the Sovereign's holy attributes of judgment and decision making. Judging on the part of the human, is to be one interpretation and discernment. For instance, if I see a man walk into church drunk, wisdom and discernment, says, he has a problem. He needs help. We need some holy men to guide him. To say that he is definitely going to hell, crosses a line that is uniquely Christ's. He knows the full spectrum of one's life scenario and is supremely suited for judgement, and the execution of that judgement. This is why,  He struck down Uzzah on the spot for a split second decision he made to jump out and touch the Ark of the Covenant, and decided to spare David after what some would interpret as a much worse sin, because of the calculated nature of the adultery and murder of Bathsheba's husband. Uzzah's split second decision to reach out and stabilize the ark was an outward reflection of a lifetime of consistently refusing the Holy Spirit, resolute disobedience and disregard for the things of God.

So when it came time for obeying a direct command. No one touch the ark except for those God has appointed, it was second nature for him to disregard the command. David on the other hand had not used up all this mercy. The act with Bathsheba implicates a struggle he had with lust, that ultimately led him to commit adultery. Let me kill this woman's husband because it was wrong for me to lie with her. Let me make it so I will no longer be wrong.  (WITH ANOTHER WRONG?!?! smh) poor husband. He was so devoted to king David, that when he came back from battle, he slept outside his door, away from the wife so he would not have sex with her to reserve his own little army. How was he repaid? David sent him to the front of the battle where the fight was thick, heavy and hot. Poor guy didn't stand a chance. However, when Nathan the prophet showed him that he was wrong, look at what David did. He repented with sackcloth and ashes...a king in sackcloth and ashes... David didn't care. He was exceedingly sorrowful. We can infer from this that David was truly committed to Christ, but stumbled...he had a hiccup as opposed to a consistent blatant disregard for all things Holy. and since we do not have not been equipped with this uniquely Divine ability, we must yes, look at the fruits people bear in order to know how to deal with them, but reserve supreme judgement with God.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Best Mics for Vocal Recording


I had a conversation with 2 musician/producers about their take on the best mics to use for home studio  recording.

It has been my personal experience, that it doesn't really matter where you record, as long as the equipment can do the job and you have a competent engineer, then everything will work out great.
I have wasted countless hours and money in a studio that cranked out bogus sessions. It is imperative to find out what the education/experience of your engineer is. The hook for "Waiting" was mixed and mastered in a 3 bedroom apartment,  complete with fussy roommates,  and constant traffic.

The point is that the most basic tool in the hands of the right person can yield the best production.
In time, you can become your own engineer by following a few steps, and planing things out accordingly. Here is what musician E.J. Walker had to say on the best mics for home production:

Behringer Mic-Pre and MXL 990
Midiman is very satisfied with the MXL 990 series of condenser mics! I have heard a lot of negatives about Beringer products and MXL, but for the money, you can’t beat them for the quality!

Peavey Dynamic Mics- These mics are very sturdy and the sound is awesome! Live or in the studio, you cannot get a better dynamic mic in my honest opinion! The mic when used with the Behringer Mic-Pre, gives a solid warm sound that will make vocals sound great in any mix!

MXL990 Series Mics-I think for the money, as I have already stated, These Mics outperform or perform just as good as those very expensive Mics! I know we have those Neumann Mics that copst thousands of dollars, but everyone cannot afford these mics and everyone may not require them either! I think I get just as good of a sound out of My MXL 990’s as anybody that have Neumann Mics!

This is Midiman’s take on this type of studio equipment for the record! Peace!

James Berry concurs, the XML 990 is his choice and comes with a USB capability.
This makes it super easy to record vocals in Garage Band.

If you haven't been blessed by getting the Compilations of Inspiration Mixtape, please get it now, and check out the artists' profiles.

Devil Dialogue

Friday's Morning Moment 
8 - 24 - 12

The devil is a liar. How many times have you heard this expression?
Certainly it's true. However, where is the merit? The focus is on the devil
and his deception. He is happy to be the focus of attention.
Let us exalt our God by turning the tables on this saying.
Let's qualify WHY the devil is a liar by emphasizing The Light.
Let's start saying:

The devil is a liar but God is truth.


God is truth and the devil is a liar.



Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
Resist. What does this mean?
We can look to Christ as the perfect example.
When in the wilderness, Christ resisted the enemies' trickeries.
Christ, if you are God, then do this and I'll give you the world.
Oh if this isn't the funniest fraud I've heard in my life!
Seriously try to refrain from dying with laughter on this one.
How is the devil going to say that? For real? Okay he knew Christ made
the world. So why would he offer it to Christ?
That's because the devil wasn't truly offering him the world. He couldn't because the world
doesn't belong to the devil.  (Psalm 50:12) Christ knows what He did and Who He is and His own power. This is why Christ came at Him with scripture, Words from an authority Higher than the enemy.
The resisting, implicates a struggle or battle. Remember Gideon's wrestle with the angel?
Precisely. The struggle is one where there is a back and forth for power and mastery.
Satan probably forgot Christ's might as he looked upon the Sovereign's human appearance. But don't get it twisted saints. We too are approached by the enemy, and we need to be prepared by staying not only prayed up but living in the Word. I know it seems like a sacrifice but do it. I remember I told myself I didn't have time to work out. So I made time by waking up a whole hour earlier. It dawned on me that we can do the same for our spiritual lives. Isn't that more important than the external? True the body temple must be kept pure and healthy, but never at the neglect of His Word. Make time for Him now. I am finding that the more I study and speak with God...not just TO Him, is the easier it is to resist the temptation to have a snap back on some of these people who irk my nerves. Self control is an awesome thing, and truly, can come only from a moment by moment walk with Christ.

The text says the devil will flee from us. He will, God is not a liar, that is the enemy's job description.
God would never tell us something if it weren't true. Imagine, finally overcoming? It doesn't happen when Christ returns. It already happened on the cross. And The fallen Lucifer knows this, yet capitalizes on the fact that many do not realize the degree to which they are so much more powerful than  he. Call His Name from the pit of your soul. Cry out and ask God to take your life and let it be in accordance to His will. And the next time the devil comes at you with a temptation...even one where he tries to twist scripture, respond to him with
"In the Name of Jesus Christ remove thee hence from me."
"You say this but God said that......So flee satan in the Name of Jesus Christ." and watch the imp run for cover.
We are promised if we ask anything in Christ's Name He will accomplish it.
Demand the devil's departure by calling on the Name of Christ in the rebuke.
While the devil always attacks a threat, he doesn't have to come out the victor.

Have an amazing Friday!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Game Over!

Usually Thumpin' Thursdays features a song I've written, sang or otherwise been involved in.
However this week I was impressed to make an exception and spotlight Minister YPeezy.
This song is contagious. Listen to it and be blessed! Another Five Fold Entertainmnent hit.
This song will be one of the songs on my mixtape The Glorious Gospel According to Her. It's slated to drop on November, but I'll definitely keep you posted! It's also going to be on her Angel Language Mixtape. Listen out for it!

Multiple Gods?!?

Thursday August 23 Morning Moment

Quote for the day:
The devil only attacks a threat.

Today's Text:
Ecclesiastes 9:9
Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which he hath given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy portion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun.

Today's gem:
Don't seek approval from man, you will always be wrong to somebody.
Don't let the somebody you're wrong with be God.

Remembering Back
As a kid, I wondered how there could be three Gods. Anytime people spoke of God, it was in the singular 'God' so I asked my dad who explained it like this ( from what I could recall)
God is a title, much like Wilkins is a title, or Smith or any family name. God is the family name of the Trinity where three beings, have different roles, but who because they are one in purpose and mission, are all God. So if anyone calls the family name, they are automatically referring to the family as a whole. Your first name is what describes your role, and identifies the specific,  family member. The Triune are the same. There is God the Father God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  The Father is the Judge. Christ is our lawyer and advocate and redeemer. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter. He helps to bring back to our memory the things we have learned. I am my father's son. I teach. My father is my dad who helped bring us into this world, and my brother is the lawyer. We are all Wilkins, cut of the same fabric. But we are each unique in our roles.

Don't be jealous of the gift God gave someone else. Use the unique gift he gave you and use it as a blessing to others. Not everyone can sing, or write a song, or orate, and not everyone can lead out, or organize or host, or drum, step, sign, dance, play or write a script or act. But in the household of faith, there is much jealousy and some feel they have to hold back because if they let their talents glow, then there will be too much jealousy and it will cause strife. We are all cut of the same fabric, all God's children. We will have different roles. But come on people. Doesn't the saying blood is thicker than water have any meaning? Moreover it is Christ's blood that ties us together as a people.

Have a blessed Thursday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8 - 22 -12 Wednesday Morning Moment: Confessions & Affections

What a crazy morning!
This is a late post, but prayerfully will still be relevant for you for the remainder of the day.

Confessions may make you feel better. Affections last but only a moment,  but Conviction  is what tells you WHO to revere and governs Who you are confessing to and where your affection lies.

Love a Man who sacrificed all for you, and you will be convicted of sin, and prayerfully repent and turn away a new creature. If you stumble you can confess your sins to Him, not a man behind a veil or in a booth. And your affection will be with Him because He dared to love you first.

Happy Wednesday everyone! And if it ain't so happy,
just think of your situation and remember that some one somewhere is going through the same thing you are except, they don't know God or have hope. And you pray for that person.

I don't make enough money.......some people don't have a job.
I can't stand my least you have friends
I'm too least you're alive
I'm too least you have your life ahead of you
I'm hungry............................but you're not starving
I need those shoes................wear the ones you have
My rent is too high...........At least you're not in the streets
my spouse mistreats me......God has better and there are plenty of Godly people available to you
My kids don't listen to me......At least you could bear children. Some people would go to any length to bear a child. And At least they have ears, pray that their spiritual ears will open and  thy will   respond God.
And one of my favorites...
They keep the room messy....... At least your kids are inside the home and not on the street.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From Porn to the Pulpit

Turn't Up Tuesday presents a special feature on Minister Danielle Williams.

Minister Danielle Williams stands firm and resolute in her decision to follow Christ, no matter what. And unlike many Christians who pretend they are without spot or blemish, Minster Williams has proven her integrity by leaving an industry that glorifies everything that desecrates the body temple, and makes a mockery of the holy sanctity of monogamous married sexual relations. She has turned her back on this money making giant and told the world, I'd rather serve God than money.

Minister Danielle Williams is the Founder and CEO of the cutting edge, no nonsense, “A New You Ministries International ” designed to snatch our youth of the world out of the jaws of hell.
Before she became An Anointed Woman of God, there were some horrific things she had to endure. Danielle’s anointed testimony is “mind blowing and life changing.
At the age of eight years old, she was molested by her babysitter’s son. At age ten she was beaten near death by her father. At age twelve Danielle was raped by a neighbor, and by thirteen years old she was pregnant by a twenty-seven year old pimp. When Danielle turned fourteen she was already a stripper and at age fifteen she was introduced to prostitution. A few days after she turned eighteen, she became a porn star. By the time Danielle was nineteen years old, she was locked in a dirty basement for weeks about to lose her life.
Many people have been made free, signs and wonders such as healing and deliverance…follow this ministry. Many who were headed down the wrong path, have changed gears and are now on the road to success because of Danielle’s testimony through Jesus Christ!
Minister Danielle Williams has appeared on The “Maury” Povich Show as a mentor for teenagers, CBN’s700 Club and multiple television and radio programs worldwide. She is based in Los Angeles, CA., and has spoken throughout the United States and the Caribbean.
For booking please contact:

She has an amazing book out and I think you should not hesitate in purchasing it. I think 30 dollars spent on a book that glorifies the healing power of God is money well spent. We spend more money on less important things. Go ahead and purchase her book through this link.


SOFT COPY $15.00

Tuesday's Morning Moment: Shake it Off and Try God

Today be inspired to be great. Shake of the problems of yesterday. Don't let it negatively influence you. Those who made fun of you as a child, may not necessarily even know you now, but by your refusing to release them in your minds has caused you to be such a bitter and negative person to those who do know you now.
As one currently in transition, I speak from experience when I say it feels so much better to forgive your enemy, but never forget what they did as a safe guard for your sanity.

They say that to be successful, it's all about relationships. Sometimes it's important to learn when to be flexible, and who to share your love and talents with. The Bible talks about casting your pearls of the swine, then they turn against you and rend you.
The implication is that there are those who do not deserve special treatment because it will be your ultimate demise.  So never let anyone tell you that you have to be nice to everyone to the same extent. There is a difference between being civil, courteous and being nice to the point of sharing, buying things for and sacrificing for someone whether in a personal or business type relationship.

For those of you in transition, I pray too that God will lead you in the ways that will lead to a positive outcome. It's not going to be easy. You may need to purge your phonebook, your Facebook, your Outlook...whatever it is! If needs be take a I mean a real break from it all. Turn it all off and give God some of your time. Pray for those that despitefully use you and persecute you with or without a cause. And what you do secretly with Him, He will reward you openly.
Try it, and watch your bills get paid, your health get better, watch your enemies become your footstool, and watch some of those enemies become your friend. Think about it...if they had blessings in their life, they wouldn't be so sour and evil towards you! Pray blessings over them, and watch their sour disposition change. People need love and blessings...perhaps their situation is worse than yours and they express it in a negative way towards you because they see you and can't understand how you are so blessed and highly favored. And then there are those that just can't stand you simply because you exist. Go ahead and try God.

Monday, August 20, 2012

8 - 20 -12 Mixtape Monday

Mixtape Monday

There are quite a few out that are worth a good listen, and I'd like to highlight the Christian Artists
that  are a part of the roster on the Compilations of Inspirations mixtape.
These guys are so awesome. I descended upon them on Soundcloud, Facebook & Reverb Nation requesting they get on the Compilations of Inspiration Mixtape I was putting together. I wanted a Mixtape that had uplifting music, that spread the gospel, that I could pump when I was down, and just chill with on my commute and of course share with others as a ministry. I grew up on Sandi Patty, and even then, she was seen as Christian rock by alot of conservative Christians, and was an absolute no no. Anyway my folks did my world a favor when they bought a Sony home system so their girls could occupy themselves Sabbath afternoons when we couldn't return to afternoon service 50 miles away. This has heavily influenced my musical taste, and therefore, the mixtape is a quintessential blend of my West Indian heritage, and my various cultures. I was born in the good old U S of A and raised in the south. So you're going to hear the West Indian influences, from artists like: Que (Songs 1, God Alone & 19 more Anointing), and you're going to hear the southern Crunk from Apostles Patterson & Apostle Ellis (song 24 I Don't Like).

G.m.a.n. has a truly unique sound, and I simply love his vibe and his accent / annunciation as he ministers on the mic. He is a really helpful and knowledgeable artist who has lived a life of obstacles that can only be expressed by his delivery. In spite of this, he has remained positive and has found the love of a father in the same One who saved me from an early grave, Christ. Listen to his songs number 4 & 7 Like a bullet through the Heart Song 14. I literally had to hold back tears every time I heard it in the beginning. Check out his mixtape, Cash or Christ  & be sure to stay tuned for  World Cries releasing in December of this year.

Gratuitious has a web ministry that is popping! He was impressed to provide free and affordable beats for Jesus artists. The ministry is called Beat Struggles.  His instrumental is what you hear on the intro track of the mixtape. Listen in on Songs #12 Where is to Run & #18 There is No Turning Back.

Kapital A came out with an album Why Not. Its a positive so why not buy it? Hit up his Youtube and show him alot of support. He is a lyrical beast and genius.

Que (Songs 1, God Alone & 19 More Anointing) is a world traveling beast! He is always on the move and loves spreading the word of God wherever he goes. I had the chance to speak to him the other day. he will be traveling to minister yet again shortly, so pray for him that God grants him journeying mercies.

Apostles Patterson & Apostle D. L. Ellis have a controversial message that's worth hearing. (Song 24 on the mixtape)  Apostle D.L. Ellis is the founder of Five Fold entertainment. Check the Facebook Page here:

They also have a slew of mixtapes, be sure to  listen in: On CHRIST Vol.1 Mixtape Of This World Vol.1 Mixtape Da Devil Mad Vol.1 Mixtape Da Devil Mad Vol.2 Mixtape
Five fold Ent. first mixtape
Five fold Ent. second mixtape:

  • Apostle Ellis'  first mixtape:

  • Branded Royalty  is a talented producer who I met through his instrumental remix of trip Lee's I'm Good. It's nothing less than sensational. (song # 5  I'm Good)
    JB of JNoise Productions (Song # 6 We Overcome) & Rapid Fire (song # 10 Praise the Lord)

    Last but certainly not least, I want to highlight, R.O.D. (Last Song #25) Mixtapes have the tendency to be played in snippets, by many people, and after song number 5 or 7, the plays decrease. People please do not sleep on any of these songs.  ROD is a talented lyricist who has a passion for family, for love and spreading the Word. Go is an anthem that can be played any day of the week and shared with young and old alike. For anyone who has been misunderstood, misused mistreated, and discouraged, press play on song 25 and get through your storm.

    You can download more free music I've written by liking my Facebook page.
    Please be certain to inbox me if you would like to be a part of Project S.O.W. where we sow the seeds of the gospel by providing free Gospel Inspiration and uplifting music that magnifies the Name of Christ and his teachings. Please inbox me on Facebook

    Sunday, August 19, 2012

    8-19-11 Sunday Morning Moment & S.O.W.

    Morning Moment
    This is especially disheartening. We as Christians need to pray and prepare for tribulation. I'm certain the world has gotten plenty of practice. Stay in the Word, and lean on Him.

    Today's Song of the Week is special triple bundle.
    Although HEAT has gotten the most plays and downloads on Soundcloud, and Youtube,(6K + on Youtube) I don't measure success by plays and views.
    Waiting comes in a close second, but it also tells a narrative in addition to Not My Own.
    Not My Own has also been the number one with the most feedback.
    All Hail is also a favorite among several people. It is no longer available for download, just streaming only. The finished piece will be available through album purchase only. So look out for Morning Dew. The title itself has definite meaning. It's an interpretation of my name which literally means to be full of hope to to be hopeful, which is what the Christian does when they anticipate joy coming in the morning as morning dew. It's also a play on the word "due" because I've been working on this for a very long time.

    So this week's S.O.W. triple treats are Not My Own, All Hail & Waiting:

    Stay tuned for this week's Thumpin' Thursday feature! Last week's Thumpin' Inspiration BOAST teaser was loaded to Youtube. Be sure to view and share.

    If you are a producer or singer and would like to join the Project S.O.W. movement, you can inbox me at Facebook. ( Serious inquiries only.
    I've also started a video series with a local engineer and videographer. You don't want to miss it at all, so be on the look out!

    Last, but certainly not least....The compilations of Inspiration mixtape was released last week, be sure to listen, and share!  God bless you all!

    Saturday, August 18, 2012

    Sabbath Special: All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name

       Just when you think you've got it down pat, something happens to undermine what you've planned for. This awakening can occur in many different forms. But know that it is God's will for you, although it may not seem that way at the moment. I've been praying about several things and asking god for guidance and just when I think he is leading, there is a curve ball. These happen to keep us in the faith, because believe me, My faith has been tested when I think about the plans I've laid and seen them come to a grinding halt due to things I had no control over, and for things I did. However, His strength is perfect when mine is gone. He has directed me in the small and in the great. 

       Children are precious. They are gifts from the Lord. Any investment in them can't be seen as too much, but often I wonder about Christian education, more notably, Adventist education. This is one of the things I mean when I say that God has been directing me in the small and in the great. My children are enrolled and to say it isn't easy is an understatement. This week I've recieved answers to some pressing questions. I mean, over time the question has popped up by those who wonder why I even have them in private school. They reason that they themselves turned out fine and my sisters and I turned out fine. This is because I am convinced that during my time, public education was different.
    The only real thing that has changed in education, is the delivery of the instruction: Tailored learning experiences and learning aids for each child's unique learning need. What has also changed is this generation's tendency to sin. The demonic influences in the media and on society as a whole are overwhelming. Legislation has made it difficult for children who want to learn to actually learn and be safe. For instance, the law states that each child has a right to learn in a safe, nurturing environment, but what happens when unstable children are consistently & willfully permitted to stay within the classroom? What happens when these unruly kids leave the classroom and go into one of these detention halls, along with several other peers woven from the same fabric? What happens when learning can't occur in there? The discipline has also changed for the most art. In some parts of the south, there are principals who believe in corporal punishment, as stout believers in "spare the rod spoil the child" Others believe it's abuse and should never be done.  It is this division of morals, ethics and standards that makes it difficult for me to place my kids in public school before the age of 12 or 13. I also believe that you get what you pay for. Some schools have kids in attendance that are vile influences on your children, that even the teachers find difficult to work with, but you may not be told this. So for those Christian parents who have their kids in public school, check out the school carefully. Don't go to the school and ask questions first. Look at the statistics and performance. Look at the neighborhood it's in. Look at the demographics, and most of all look up the academic standards. THEN speak to the school and see if what's being said and what you see line up with what you've learned. Other than that, 1 + 1 will always be 2.

        I just want you all to know, that there is a healing in the song you hear playing. Don't doubt it, or be skeptical. Since I started project S.O.W. people's lives have been touched. Although some confuse the ministry with my "just trying something new" there is nothing new about my writing and singing. I've always wanted to do my own music. Ask any member from the Sounds of Inspiration, or my family members. Music & art have always been an integral part of my existence.
          I've spent years focusing mainly on one talent, art, when Christ as ased us clearly to utilize all our talents to the glorification of HIS name. I  reflect on the years of trying to work with producers, trying to get singers together, petitioning complete strangers to do ministry together, buying keyboards to get music lessons, only to have them stolen, purchasing equipment only to have them destroyed, relatives & friends not understanding my motives, attacks of the enemy and I wondered if those were signs that I wasn't supposed to do music. In time I grew to understand that God's will is perfect. He may want us to become something beautiful, and we may want it to happen all at once. Through all these obstacles I've learned that patience is only developed with time. And I believe I'm getting better at it!

         I was working on a project, and I can't even emphasize how disgusted I became because the applicaiton kept crashing. I lost all my edits regardless of how many different ways I saved the fie, sourced external files that were linked to the document, and checked and rechecked. I mean I've lost entire blog entries, Facebook has eaten my messages, videos have vanished, ...My computer is either old, has a virus, hates me or some combination, I'm certain. But I found myself able to endure the follishness without sinning. The Bible states, be angry but sin not. Why people believe anger is a form of weakness or a sign that God isn't with you must've missed the Flood, Tower of Babel, or the Second Coming memo. Anger is an emotion like any other emotion. It's what we do with it that dictates our walk with God.
        I received a phone call from someone who completely forgot an engagement they had committed to earlier in the week, and in the past, I had some choice words for them. Over time I noticed, I would keep those words to myself. One day I realized I didn't even think them! So when I got the call, I was annoyed, but I didn't sin inwardly. I can't thank God enough for that. It has taken time and patience to cultivate these traits. But these are things that must be desired. So the change really starts with you!

    Have a great Sabbath!

    Friday, August 17, 2012

    August 17, 2012 - The Friday Feature & The Week in Review

     Friday Feature

    Hello again everyone, well after a series of interviews, commentaries and musical projects.
    It was quite a surprise when one of my engineers, and good friend, Gabriel I.M.C. Daniels asked me some questions for an article he said he was going to do on me. I'm so used to being the one asking the questions, and having an opinion that it was a bit different for me, but welcomed. I hope you guys get a chance to understand me from a different perspective. Be sure to check out the rest of his blog, you'll find some interesting reads.

    The Week in Review

    The Song of the Week, All Hail will be made available until Saturday. After which, it will only be available through streaming only.

    The compilations of Inspiration Mixtape was a small success, as each person shared and gave testimony. This was my first mixtape and there were several opinions on whether I should even do it or not, and if I should include certain songs and artists. But I'll let the music speak for itself. Look out for my songs:

    3. G.O.D.
    8. Not My Own
    9. Ready
    13. Neva U.G.L.Y.
    17. Waiting
    21. Focus Up
    23. NO

    Be sure to look out for my new mixtape hitting the web soon  the  HIT LIST. This mixtape will include all previous releases, promos and weekly S.O.W.'s (Songs of the week) INCLUDING songs from my upcoming album, Morning Dew which will be for sale. So if you want to get a sneak peak, be on the look out!

    This week's Turn't Up Tuesday featured I.M.C. noted engineer, rapper and blogger. This young man is also a great singer with a mellow tenor and can skat like there ain't no tomorrow! Check him out!

    Thumpin' Thursday August 16, 2012

    Download free song here:

    Last week's Song of the week & Thumpin' Thursday feature can be found here

    Thursday, August 16, 2012

    Thumpin' Thursday Presents BOAST

    Christians, get crunk! If you haven't been boastin' n toastin' get to it! Do it lest the rocks and stones cry out!

    Morning Moment -Exodus and haters

    The text for today comes from Exodus Chapter 11

    What can be gleaned from this passage of scripture is that the Lord gave specific instructions to the Israelites. And through this instruction there was safety.

    Specifically verse 9, the Lord used pharoah's stubborness to magnify His own might. This made believers aout of some of the Egyptians who eventually accompanied the the Israelites on their journey to Canaan.

    The parallel is that in spite of our ministry, there will be persecution and negativity, even from turn coats. The main thing for us to keep in mind is that through our persecution and ridicule, others will look on and become converts, ultimately joining us to our heavenly destination.

    For its application to children, as parents we can encourage our young to stand up for God no matter what, even if they are made fun of or ignored. You can remind them that Jesus has a special place for them in his kingdom and that there's also a special event for those who refuse Christ, because they are refusing Christ by refusing them.

    Below I've copied and pasted a Response I made to a post on Facebook:

    From a dear brother in Christ, this post speaks to me because at one point in my life, I did not want to know God or be under His will. The people who hurt me the most were these very same so called church people and I deliberately didn't go to church, I hated anything Christian ESPECIALLY ADVENTIST. Because Adventists are the best at being the worst. The two facedness, the hypocrisy, lies, gossip
    and rumors got me sick to my stomach, and it just got worse because I decided to have no part in it. I was following the example of Christ. He didn't spend time explaining himself, but went about His Father's business. But even that was a drain and I despised God because He allowed all this to happen to me. One Saturday morning as I was watching TBN, bc again I despised 3ABN at this point. ANYWAY God had other pIans for me. 'Praise is What I Do" was the featured song and it brought me to tears. How could I let people get in between me and my God? I realized that my real love and devotion to God is displayed ESPECIALLY when I'm going through the storm. I repented that very moment, and with the song on repeat, got ready for church. Church is not what you can be in church at home. The point is, that whatever occurs is for the greater good. The experience showed me I wasn't bonded as close to God as i thought I was. I remembered Job and thought "I'm a person just like Job. The enemy is attacking...but I cannot curse God"
    Rodney, continue to be a blessing with your TIGER DELIVERY and don't be phased by what people say or do with regards to your ministry. This post reminded me of this pivotal moment in my spiritual walk, and it is speaking to me right now, as I decide to make some INCREDIBLY INFLUENTIAL decisions.

    ------RODNEY'S POST BELOW--------

    Therefore, the results of what He allows, can only be good! And, for your perfection in righteousness! Therefore,...

    Praise Him in your sadness!

    Praise Him in your grief!
    Praise Him in your sorrow!
    Praise Him in your defeat!
    Praise Him in your trial!
    Praise Him in your Pain!
    Praise Him in your struggle!
    Praise Him through every strain!

    He's allowing all these things because He's preparing you.

    But He'll never allow you into something, He won't bring you through!!!

    You can believe that it's for your good, for the Bible says in Romans 8:28...

    "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."