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Monday, August 20, 2012

8 - 20 -12 Mixtape Monday

Mixtape Monday

There are quite a few out that are worth a good listen, and I'd like to highlight the Christian Artists
that  are a part of the roster on the Compilations of Inspirations mixtape.
These guys are so awesome. I descended upon them on Soundcloud, Facebook & Reverb Nation requesting they get on the Compilations of Inspiration Mixtape I was putting together. I wanted a Mixtape that had uplifting music, that spread the gospel, that I could pump when I was down, and just chill with on my commute and of course share with others as a ministry. I grew up on Sandi Patty, and even then, she was seen as Christian rock by alot of conservative Christians, and was an absolute no no. Anyway my folks did my world a favor when they bought a Sony home system so their girls could occupy themselves Sabbath afternoons when we couldn't return to afternoon service 50 miles away. This has heavily influenced my musical taste, and therefore, the mixtape is a quintessential blend of my West Indian heritage, and my various cultures. I was born in the good old U S of A and raised in the south. So you're going to hear the West Indian influences, from artists like: Que (Songs 1, God Alone & 19 more Anointing), and you're going to hear the southern Crunk from Apostles Patterson & Apostle Ellis (song 24 I Don't Like).

G.m.a.n. has a truly unique sound, and I simply love his vibe and his accent / annunciation as he ministers on the mic. He is a really helpful and knowledgeable artist who has lived a life of obstacles that can only be expressed by his delivery. In spite of this, he has remained positive and has found the love of a father in the same One who saved me from an early grave, Christ. Listen to his songs number 4 & 7 Like a bullet through the Heart Song 14. I literally had to hold back tears every time I heard it in the beginning. Check out his mixtape, Cash or Christ  & be sure to stay tuned for  World Cries releasing in December of this year.

Gratuitious has a web ministry that is popping! He was impressed to provide free and affordable beats for Jesus artists. The ministry is called Beat Struggles.  His instrumental is what you hear on the intro track of the mixtape. Listen in on Songs #12 Where is to Run & #18 There is No Turning Back.

Kapital A came out with an album Why Not. Its a positive so why not buy it? Hit up his Youtube and show him alot of support. He is a lyrical beast and genius.

Que (Songs 1, God Alone & 19 More Anointing) is a world traveling beast! He is always on the move and loves spreading the word of God wherever he goes. I had the chance to speak to him the other day. he will be traveling to minister yet again shortly, so pray for him that God grants him journeying mercies.

Apostles Patterson & Apostle D. L. Ellis have a controversial message that's worth hearing. (Song 24 on the mixtape)  Apostle D.L. Ellis is the founder of Five Fold entertainment. Check the Facebook Page here:

They also have a slew of mixtapes, be sure to  listen in: On CHRIST Vol.1 Mixtape Of This World Vol.1 Mixtape Da Devil Mad Vol.1 Mixtape Da Devil Mad Vol.2 Mixtape
Five fold Ent. first mixtape
Five fold Ent. second mixtape:

  • Apostle Ellis'  first mixtape:

  • Branded Royalty  is a talented producer who I met through his instrumental remix of trip Lee's I'm Good. It's nothing less than sensational. (song # 5  I'm Good)
    JB of JNoise Productions (Song # 6 We Overcome) & Rapid Fire (song # 10 Praise the Lord)

    Last but certainly not least, I want to highlight, R.O.D. (Last Song #25) Mixtapes have the tendency to be played in snippets, by many people, and after song number 5 or 7, the plays decrease. People please do not sleep on any of these songs.  ROD is a talented lyricist who has a passion for family, for love and spreading the Word. Go is an anthem that can be played any day of the week and shared with young and old alike. For anyone who has been misunderstood, misused mistreated, and discouraged, press play on song 25 and get through your storm.

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