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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's Morning Moment: Shake it Off and Try God

Today be inspired to be great. Shake of the problems of yesterday. Don't let it negatively influence you. Those who made fun of you as a child, may not necessarily even know you now, but by your refusing to release them in your minds has caused you to be such a bitter and negative person to those who do know you now.
As one currently in transition, I speak from experience when I say it feels so much better to forgive your enemy, but never forget what they did as a safe guard for your sanity.

They say that to be successful, it's all about relationships. Sometimes it's important to learn when to be flexible, and who to share your love and talents with. The Bible talks about casting your pearls of the swine, then they turn against you and rend you.
The implication is that there are those who do not deserve special treatment because it will be your ultimate demise.  So never let anyone tell you that you have to be nice to everyone to the same extent. There is a difference between being civil, courteous and being nice to the point of sharing, buying things for and sacrificing for someone whether in a personal or business type relationship.

For those of you in transition, I pray too that God will lead you in the ways that will lead to a positive outcome. It's not going to be easy. You may need to purge your phonebook, your Facebook, your Outlook...whatever it is! If needs be take a I mean a real break from it all. Turn it all off and give God some of your time. Pray for those that despitefully use you and persecute you with or without a cause. And what you do secretly with Him, He will reward you openly.
Try it, and watch your bills get paid, your health get better, watch your enemies become your footstool, and watch some of those enemies become your friend. Think about it...if they had blessings in their life, they wouldn't be so sour and evil towards you! Pray blessings over them, and watch their sour disposition change. People need love and blessings...perhaps their situation is worse than yours and they express it in a negative way towards you because they see you and can't understand how you are so blessed and highly favored. And then there are those that just can't stand you simply because you exist. Go ahead and try God.

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