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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8 - 22 -12 Wednesday Morning Moment: Confessions & Affections

What a crazy morning!
This is a late post, but prayerfully will still be relevant for you for the remainder of the day.

Confessions may make you feel better. Affections last but only a moment,  but Conviction  is what tells you WHO to revere and governs Who you are confessing to and where your affection lies.

Love a Man who sacrificed all for you, and you will be convicted of sin, and prayerfully repent and turn away a new creature. If you stumble you can confess your sins to Him, not a man behind a veil or in a booth. And your affection will be with Him because He dared to love you first.

Happy Wednesday everyone! And if it ain't so happy,
just think of your situation and remember that some one somewhere is going through the same thing you are except, they don't know God or have hope. And you pray for that person.

I don't make enough money.......some people don't have a job.
I can't stand my least you have friends
I'm too least you're alive
I'm too least you have your life ahead of you
I'm hungry............................but you're not starving
I need those shoes................wear the ones you have
My rent is too high...........At least you're not in the streets
my spouse mistreats me......God has better and there are plenty of Godly people available to you
My kids don't listen to me......At least you could bear children. Some people would go to any length to bear a child. And At least they have ears, pray that their spiritual ears will open and  thy will   respond God.
And one of my favorites...
They keep the room messy....... At least your kids are inside the home and not on the street.

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