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Friday, August 24, 2012

Best Mics for Vocal Recording


I had a conversation with 2 musician/producers about their take on the best mics to use for home studio  recording.

It has been my personal experience, that it doesn't really matter where you record, as long as the equipment can do the job and you have a competent engineer, then everything will work out great.
I have wasted countless hours and money in a studio that cranked out bogus sessions. It is imperative to find out what the education/experience of your engineer is. The hook for "Waiting" was mixed and mastered in a 3 bedroom apartment,  complete with fussy roommates,  and constant traffic.

The point is that the most basic tool in the hands of the right person can yield the best production.
In time, you can become your own engineer by following a few steps, and planing things out accordingly. Here is what musician E.J. Walker had to say on the best mics for home production:

Behringer Mic-Pre and MXL 990
Midiman is very satisfied with the MXL 990 series of condenser mics! I have heard a lot of negatives about Beringer products and MXL, but for the money, you can’t beat them for the quality!

Peavey Dynamic Mics- These mics are very sturdy and the sound is awesome! Live or in the studio, you cannot get a better dynamic mic in my honest opinion! The mic when used with the Behringer Mic-Pre, gives a solid warm sound that will make vocals sound great in any mix!

MXL990 Series Mics-I think for the money, as I have already stated, These Mics outperform or perform just as good as those very expensive Mics! I know we have those Neumann Mics that copst thousands of dollars, but everyone cannot afford these mics and everyone may not require them either! I think I get just as good of a sound out of My MXL 990’s as anybody that have Neumann Mics!

This is Midiman’s take on this type of studio equipment for the record! Peace!

James Berry concurs, the XML 990 is his choice and comes with a USB capability.
This makes it super easy to record vocals in Garage Band.

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