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Friday, August 24, 2012

Devil Dialogue

Friday's Morning Moment 
8 - 24 - 12

The devil is a liar. How many times have you heard this expression?
Certainly it's true. However, where is the merit? The focus is on the devil
and his deception. He is happy to be the focus of attention.
Let us exalt our God by turning the tables on this saying.
Let's qualify WHY the devil is a liar by emphasizing The Light.
Let's start saying:

The devil is a liar but God is truth.


God is truth and the devil is a liar.



Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
Resist. What does this mean?
We can look to Christ as the perfect example.
When in the wilderness, Christ resisted the enemies' trickeries.
Christ, if you are God, then do this and I'll give you the world.
Oh if this isn't the funniest fraud I've heard in my life!
Seriously try to refrain from dying with laughter on this one.
How is the devil going to say that? For real? Okay he knew Christ made
the world. So why would he offer it to Christ?
That's because the devil wasn't truly offering him the world. He couldn't because the world
doesn't belong to the devil.  (Psalm 50:12) Christ knows what He did and Who He is and His own power. This is why Christ came at Him with scripture, Words from an authority Higher than the enemy.
The resisting, implicates a struggle or battle. Remember Gideon's wrestle with the angel?
Precisely. The struggle is one where there is a back and forth for power and mastery.
Satan probably forgot Christ's might as he looked upon the Sovereign's human appearance. But don't get it twisted saints. We too are approached by the enemy, and we need to be prepared by staying not only prayed up but living in the Word. I know it seems like a sacrifice but do it. I remember I told myself I didn't have time to work out. So I made time by waking up a whole hour earlier. It dawned on me that we can do the same for our spiritual lives. Isn't that more important than the external? True the body temple must be kept pure and healthy, but never at the neglect of His Word. Make time for Him now. I am finding that the more I study and speak with God...not just TO Him, is the easier it is to resist the temptation to have a snap back on some of these people who irk my nerves. Self control is an awesome thing, and truly, can come only from a moment by moment walk with Christ.

The text says the devil will flee from us. He will, God is not a liar, that is the enemy's job description.
God would never tell us something if it weren't true. Imagine, finally overcoming? It doesn't happen when Christ returns. It already happened on the cross. And The fallen Lucifer knows this, yet capitalizes on the fact that many do not realize the degree to which they are so much more powerful than  he. Call His Name from the pit of your soul. Cry out and ask God to take your life and let it be in accordance to His will. And the next time the devil comes at you with a temptation...even one where he tries to twist scripture, respond to him with
"In the Name of Jesus Christ remove thee hence from me."
"You say this but God said that......So flee satan in the Name of Jesus Christ." and watch the imp run for cover.
We are promised if we ask anything in Christ's Name He will accomplish it.
Demand the devil's departure by calling on the Name of Christ in the rebuke.
While the devil always attacks a threat, he doesn't have to come out the victor.

Have an amazing Friday!

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