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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morning Moment -Exodus and haters

The text for today comes from Exodus Chapter 11

What can be gleaned from this passage of scripture is that the Lord gave specific instructions to the Israelites. And through this instruction there was safety.

Specifically verse 9, the Lord used pharoah's stubborness to magnify His own might. This made believers aout of some of the Egyptians who eventually accompanied the the Israelites on their journey to Canaan.

The parallel is that in spite of our ministry, there will be persecution and negativity, even from turn coats. The main thing for us to keep in mind is that through our persecution and ridicule, others will look on and become converts, ultimately joining us to our heavenly destination.

For its application to children, as parents we can encourage our young to stand up for God no matter what, even if they are made fun of or ignored. You can remind them that Jesus has a special place for them in his kingdom and that there's also a special event for those who refuse Christ, because they are refusing Christ by refusing them.

Below I've copied and pasted a Response I made to a post on Facebook:

From a dear brother in Christ, this post speaks to me because at one point in my life, I did not want to know God or be under His will. The people who hurt me the most were these very same so called church people and I deliberately didn't go to church, I hated anything Christian ESPECIALLY ADVENTIST. Because Adventists are the best at being the worst. The two facedness, the hypocrisy, lies, gossip
and rumors got me sick to my stomach, and it just got worse because I decided to have no part in it. I was following the example of Christ. He didn't spend time explaining himself, but went about His Father's business. But even that was a drain and I despised God because He allowed all this to happen to me. One Saturday morning as I was watching TBN, bc again I despised 3ABN at this point. ANYWAY God had other pIans for me. 'Praise is What I Do" was the featured song and it brought me to tears. How could I let people get in between me and my God? I realized that my real love and devotion to God is displayed ESPECIALLY when I'm going through the storm. I repented that very moment, and with the song on repeat, got ready for church. Church is not what you can be in church at home. The point is, that whatever occurs is for the greater good. The experience showed me I wasn't bonded as close to God as i thought I was. I remembered Job and thought "I'm a person just like Job. The enemy is attacking...but I cannot curse God"
Rodney, continue to be a blessing with your TIGER DELIVERY and don't be phased by what people say or do with regards to your ministry. This post reminded me of this pivotal moment in my spiritual walk, and it is speaking to me right now, as I decide to make some INCREDIBLY INFLUENTIAL decisions.

------RODNEY'S POST BELOW--------

Therefore, the results of what He allows, can only be good! And, for your perfection in righteousness! Therefore,...

Praise Him in your sadness!

Praise Him in your grief!
Praise Him in your sorrow!
Praise Him in your defeat!
Praise Him in your trial!
Praise Him in your Pain!
Praise Him in your struggle!
Praise Him through every strain!

He's allowing all these things because He's preparing you.

But He'll never allow you into something, He won't bring you through!!!

You can believe that it's for your good, for the Bible says in Romans 8:28...

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."




  1. Thank you for your post today...t it a wonderful and Godly thing to receive confirmation of God's greatness from other sisters (or brothers) in Christ;}

  2. Hi Lala, I'm glad you were blessed, and I continue to pray that we can follow His guiding, although the flesh is weak.
    Thanks for reading and be blessed!