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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Multiple Gods?!?

Thursday August 23 Morning Moment

Quote for the day:
The devil only attacks a threat.

Today's Text:
Ecclesiastes 9:9
Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which he hath given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy portion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun.

Today's gem:
Don't seek approval from man, you will always be wrong to somebody.
Don't let the somebody you're wrong with be God.

Remembering Back
As a kid, I wondered how there could be three Gods. Anytime people spoke of God, it was in the singular 'God' so I asked my dad who explained it like this ( from what I could recall)
God is a title, much like Wilkins is a title, or Smith or any family name. God is the family name of the Trinity where three beings, have different roles, but who because they are one in purpose and mission, are all God. So if anyone calls the family name, they are automatically referring to the family as a whole. Your first name is what describes your role, and identifies the specific,  family member. The Triune are the same. There is God the Father God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  The Father is the Judge. Christ is our lawyer and advocate and redeemer. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter. He helps to bring back to our memory the things we have learned. I am my father's son. I teach. My father is my dad who helped bring us into this world, and my brother is the lawyer. We are all Wilkins, cut of the same fabric. But we are each unique in our roles.

Don't be jealous of the gift God gave someone else. Use the unique gift he gave you and use it as a blessing to others. Not everyone can sing, or write a song, or orate, and not everyone can lead out, or organize or host, or drum, step, sign, dance, play or write a script or act. But in the household of faith, there is much jealousy and some feel they have to hold back because if they let their talents glow, then there will be too much jealousy and it will cause strife. We are all cut of the same fabric, all God's children. We will have different roles. But come on people. Doesn't the saying blood is thicker than water have any meaning? Moreover it is Christ's blood that ties us together as a people.

Have a blessed Thursday!

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