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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sabbath Special

So this was Youth Day at my new church and it was rockin'!
first of all I was blessed to be a apart of an amazing praise team. I finally got the alto part for total praise down pat yesterday evening just in time.
I made some new friends, really cool people... just keep the tenors  away from the strawberries LOL

We were blessed with a performance during divine hour and I am praying she will grace the Glorious Gospel According to Her mixtape with her ministry. I speak of none other than Nicky B, singer, and songwriter. She did two original songs today, and had us rolling at lunch time.

   Gazzy came through for AY it was AMAZING. I mean I was so rapt I didn't even get a chance to record the whole event. He spoke about faith, and how it comes by hearing. Tidbit I didn't know until today....when one dies the last mechanism to go is your hearing. You can't hear...but its mechanism is the last to go. likewise when we lose faith, the FIRST THING TO GO IS OUR HEARING. Because we become partakers with Christ by first hearing and then by becoming doers of the word. If we are cold or lukewarm then that mans something is wrong with our hearing. Oh I wish there were two of me to partake in the wonderful ministry Gaz has got going on. Pray for him and the ministry!
What was cool was that he told me I need to get Minister Danielle Williams, the blessed woman of God that came out of the darkness of pornography and into the light of Jesus Christ out here to speak. Which is also great because it means that the blog is being shared which is awesome. I made the Minister Danielle Williams post on Tuesday, and already it is my most popular post to date. On the front of the site, you'll see the popular posts listed by rank. I pray you all read it and become transformed and share it.

I also got a chance to hear a new song by Singer/Songwriter & leader of Evidence of Grace,  James Thomas. What an awesome guy! Here we had been with 47 mutual friends, and only linked up today...WATCH OUT WORLD!

P.S. We will be mutual Twitter stalkers :-)

James, Dana, Carla and J.P.

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