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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seduction vs Celibacy


Yes, you CAN spend time with him/her and not end up in a hot mess.

The first thing to realize in a relationship is the need for and to establish boundaries. Boundaries do not have to be seen  as something bad as if you’re a child placed in a playpen. Even though unpleasant at times for the child, the play pen will keep the child safe while the parent completes important tasks in the house that otherwise would harm them. Like cooking for instance. Hot oil or water may splash out and hurt the child. The play pen is needed to keep the child safe from harm. This minor unpleasantness, and small restriction is a small price to pay for the ultimate safety and well being of the child.
Boundaries keep us safe. Another good example of this are the marking that can be found on the road. A double yellow line means one thing, while the single line means another.
These lines of demarcation represent an order that has been instituted to keep us safe. It’s a general guideline for road and traffic safety and regulation. These boundaries give us freedom to drive in a safe environment (Clearly this is the case when all are following the rules)
The same applies in a relationship. Both parties involved need to establish guidelines for happiness in the Lord. Let’s take a look at the topic of premarital sex. If one is interested in sexual intimacy and the other isn’t, then it’s important for the interested party to first and foremost understand that this type of behavior is forbidden by God. Any Christian Seventh Day Adventist who truly believes in and loves the Lord, knowing him in a personal relationship would cringe at the thought of hurting the Lord , disobeying His word, and making their other feel pressured, conned, deceived or otherwise bringing the other person into a  premarital union that would disgrace the Name they bear.
“But can’t we practice safe sex? And not let anyone know?”  No sex outside of God’s will is ever truly safe. There’s more to sex than just physical consequences. Here are spiritual and moral ramifications. The enemy is after our souls and knows he can destroy us by controlling our minds. Sex out side of marriage weakens morale and destroys mental integrity/ It weakens the bond between man and God, and replaces it with selfish desires.

“We’re engaged and about to get married anyway. We mutually don’t see anyone else in our future. What’s the big deal anyway?”
God knows and that’s all that  should really matter to anyone anyway. Furthermore, refraining from sin just  because we’re afraid of going to hell is serving God out of fear rather than love. You’ll be hell bound. So make up your minds if you will be hot or cold for the Lord. Because God rejects lukewarm people.
True love is manifest in god. We can only know how to love when we bask in the presence of His Son. The Bible says that no man can come to the Father except through the Son.
We cannot display love unless we have been in closest communion with Christ, our Savior and Lord.
By beholding we are changed.
By being in His constant company, we will be influenced into a righteous character. This character would be seen by others and serve as a witness, an example as to one’s moral fortitude. When each one involved in a romantic pair embody the likeness of Christ, then the two would not only be uninterested in sinful indulgences, they would be as a spiritual beacon, a light, if you will, to other couples around them.
"What are some things that I /we can do to refrain from sexual indiscretions?"(ie: Premarital Sex, Pornography, Masturbation, Lust, Lasciviousness)
1. First and foremost, there needs to be a desire to do what’s right. To hate wrong doing and love the Lord.
2. Submit your minds and bodies unto the Lord. Realizing you don’t  belong to yourselves.
You belong to God.  "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7
3.  Pray with this in mind. Prayer can help in that the Holy Spirit will subdue the unholy passion. The God of Heaven will dispatch angels to beat back the enemy, change your frame of mind and keep you on the right paths.
4. Keep yourself busy because the devil finds work for idle hands.
5. Don’t go out of your way to put yourself in situations to be tempted. Ie: Being alone in secluded places.
6. Be vocal about your stance to your partner.
7. Self Help Books.
Studying the Bible and Quarterly Lesson are great But having extra ammunition like the morning watch, devotionals and other self help books and guides is even better. Go to your local library.  Yahoo or Google keywords of interest to you. Check out sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Since you’re here, you can also check out our
I pray that these words would be a beacon of spiritual light to you and encourage and uplift you as you contemplate these issues.  Quality time doesn’t compromise Christ in any way. Rather, it elevates Him, enobles our hearts and affections to Him, and draws us closer to our

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