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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday's Morning Moment & Recap of the Week

Morning Moment 

Today's Morning Moment is inspired by a Tweet from one I follow on Twitter:
Dj Sam Smite posted:

 (For those who want to copy and paste )>>"The Lord is on my side as my helper; I shall look in triumph on those who hate me." Ps118.7.ESV

This is the medicinal dose for all of you who have haters. And believe me...even the haters have haters or wish they did! Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't rest on your own understanding. Keep your distance emotionally and if needs be physically from these haters, but inwardly, pray for them....that God fix whatever it is that's wrong in their life that they need to envy and hate on you.
They probably are sour because what they see as you being show-offy in your praise testament, your life, your daily walk when really, you are merely doing what God wants you to do.
So for everyone with your hatin' moms, spiteful brothers, vindictive sisters, trifling aunts, jealous relatives, and scheming exes...wait I almost forgot the total strangers that like to gawk and the two faced friends that gossip AND the outlaws for inlaws.....for all this, remember, take the dose! Do you, and let God do them!

 Recap of the Week
I am just astounded at the plays and downloads I've gotten on last week's Thumpin' Thursday song, HEAT.  It's already hit 700 plays on Youtube and climbing.  That's  an average of 100 per day! Thank you for sharing, liking reposting and downloading. Please push the other videos too :) Follow me, I follow back @najestique

Turn't Up Tuesdays

Here's a post from this week's Turn't Up Tuesday, featured exclusively on Facebook.

 If you missed this week's song of the week, (S.O.W. ) be sure to download it for free now. It was written and performed by yours truly, I hope you see that sometimes having "No" as an answer is a good thing.

Thumpin' Thursdays

One more thing....Thumpin' Thursday's feature was released a day early thanks to the LMS promo on FB. So here it is:

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