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Monday, August 13, 2012

Turn't Up Tuesday; I.M.C. Interview - August 14, 2012

Meet Gabriel I.M.C. Daniels!
He's more than the Music Producer, Rapper, Vocalist, Songwriter, Drummer, Blogger, Group Moderator you've come to know...there's so much more!

Turn't Up Tuesday; I.M.C. Interview - August 14, 2012 : Interview with Gabriel I.M.C. Daniels
To "friend" Gabriel you need to actually be his friend. Facebook is really strict on this and you can be banned from adding friends
if you add people they believe you don't know. If you'd like to contact him for business purposes, Kindly inbox me, and I will forward
your information to him.

Project S.O.W.  (Song of the Week) Update

The instrumental All Hail will not be available for download after today. It will be on the album Morning Dew as a song with vocal arrangements, which is available for purchase in the near future. Please be sure to share with a friend!

The HEAT Index is Turn't Up!

This song was uploaded 2 weeks ago as a Thumpin' Thursdays Featured Song. It is now #3 on Hot Street Singles Charts! Like I said in my other song NO, (below) " And even if I don't come in the first place, my effort would be of the first rate."



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