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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday August 15, 2012 Morning Moment: GOD SAID NO

This morning's Morning Moment comes from the book of Deuteronomy.
1:26 - 45

The children of Israel were told to do one thing, but then they didn't.
Then they wanted to change their minds and go into fight, and the Lord told them
not to because he wouldn't be with them.

In today's application, sometimes what may seem right to us really isn't.
We have a hard time making decisions because we are human and suseptible to sin.
in all tat we do and in all our endeavors, let us be humble enough to seek God's face first.
We don't want to end up  being beaten up and then come crying back to God only for Him to turn a deaf ear to us.
Let us all pray for each other in these trying times.


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  1. Alright Najestique! -- Thanks again for your support and putting this mixtape together!


  2. You're very welcome, it was truly a blessing and a learning experience. I was blessed to meet some really great people in ministry willing to share so freely. Thanks for all your help. You're awesome!