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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

911 - Emergency Call

Turn't up Tuesday

Today marks a moment in history that will never be forgotten, a day when many a loved one lost their lives due to a catastrophic event. While those who have lost loved one will grieve continually, we must not forget the miracle of life and how fragile it is. Living each day as if it were out last, we must right wrongs, as far as possible...these souls did not rise that morning believing that it would be their last day on earth any more than did Treyvon.  I watched in disgust as the best friend of the world's most hated man dry-eyed defended the killer of this teenager on Dr. Phil.
We can't forget the 911 surfer, and the others who called in sick, or were held up during the morning commute, these small miracles may have been overshadowed or forgotten amidst the evil shadow of death and loss, but are miracles nonetheless and are small reminders that we must get our houses in order...we know not when our probation will close, for he will not always strive with man.

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