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Monday, September 3, 2012

Mixtape Madness

A Mixtape Monday Special Feature

What are the best ways to get your mixtape out?
Does quality really matter? Well it all depends. Some low budget recordings come out sounding great while others are a colossal miss. When working on a mixtape it's always best to work on it yourself, because no one truly has your same exact vision, and vested interest in your work. Engineers will get lazy, makeup excuses, and producers will go missing for months on end after you've spent your hard earned money. Others will hold your files hostage because you chose to go with someone else and still others will mess up your whole release date because they do not see your project as a priority.
Maybe you're thinking I am speaking from experience, and yes I am. Time has instructed me in who I should deal with and who not to deal with, and my best advice is to gain a cursory knowledge in music production & audio engineering, because at the end of the day whether it was produced in Cubaase, Protools or Ableton, it doesn't really matter, because even Garage Band has been used to create hits...It's not about the schooling or the degrees or even the certification. It's all about the person implementing the knowledge they have and using their time to self advance.
Education continually shows us how much we don't know, so if we approach acquiring knowledge and gaining skillsets with this humble perspective we will see that there will always be someone who knows more than you...but do they have your creativity? Drive? Work ethic? Talent?
What makes you unique?
If you're willing to invest in yourself, others will also. And take a look at some documentaries of famous recording studios and artists. Many of them are big because they dreamt big and believed in themselves and invested in themselves.

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