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Saturday, September 1, 2012


As a Seventh day Adventist, I'm used to strange looks and side glances.
As someone with Jamaican parents I especially get the two headed look
when Jamaican Adventists discover I don't eat oxtails.

"It's your heritage!"
This ignorance blows my mind.
I suppose if killing every other short person on the 17th day of each month were
cultural, then it would be unacceptable if I chose to not include my self in the massacre.
Follow me? Oxtails fall under the category of the fifth part, which is unclean for human consumption.
Leviticus 11 Also Deuteronomy.

God said don't. Men say go ahead if it feel good. And go ahead even if it doesn't feel good, at least it's not the end of the world.
So you're implying that something terrible WILL happens at the end of the world  due to indulgence in this.... SO why am I adding more heat to my tab?

God knew what He meant when He said don't eat this or that.
Look it up. He permitted the eating of CLEAN meats after the flood...because there was not enough vegetation on the earth. Adam and Eve ate a vegan - based diet, sin came in and messed that whole plan up, so we were permitted to eat clean meats...animals which God knew by design would be fit for human consumption, the body temple.

So for you meat eaters out there....please cook your CLEAN MEATS well.
And pork, even if it's cooked well, contains the parasite.
A former science teacher I had said he has  actually seen this happen with cooked pork submerged in water and vinegar......WHICH by the way should tell us something.....
Vinegar is an awesome cleanser.
Sometimes we eat parasites even from vegetables and fruits. So to get those lil
buggards, we need to cleanse. Water with vinegar, onions, leeks, garlic....oh they can't stand garlic and the Worm wood complex.

One last reminder... Remember Daniel and Shadrach and Abadnegro?
Well, they refuse the king's meal plan of meats, wines and cheeses, and at the end of the test emerged the fittest and healthiest out of the bunch.

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