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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Focus Up

Don't focus so much on your enemy and on what's going wrong in your life that you neglect the things that are going well for you.
Often, this temptation rears its ugly head. The sin lies not in the temptation, but if we yield to the temptation, then it becomes sin. Some Christians feel guilty for being tempted. This should not be. Let the prayer instead be, help me to overcome and remove the desire to sin from out of my heart. Then the things of this world become strangely dim in the light of God's glory. I've been tempted to look at all my sorrows that were caused as a result of dashed plans, lost loved ones, misplaced affections, misguided reasoning and unaccomplished goals. However, this obsessed me to the point where when I'd complain, close ones would tell me how blessed I was. I absolutely could not see it. I was blinded by regret. I spent so much time looking at at what I thought I had lost, and didn't spend enough looking at what I have gained. Some  of  what God has blessed me with are so marvelous that I fear that it will cause jealousy as it has already have, so certain things I no longer discuss, because the blessing is perceived as a brag. What I can say is that, God can and will prepare you for something if you're willing to focus up and not allow the devil to rob you of the gifts that God has for you.
So don't worry about the promotion you didn't rightfully receive, or how long it has taken you to get into school. Stop looking at the money your friends illegally make. Don't be jealous of them. Take rest in knowing that your time will come where God will move mountains for you. Seek Him first, and embrace what you DO have. Try just five things that are absolute blessings from God that you know you had absolutely nothing to do with getting for yourself. Make a list, save it on your phone and look at it from time to time. Add to it as new blessings arrive. You'll soon realize that your trials were designed to distract you.
Focus Up.

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