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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Go in, Go Deep Go Hard

Word Out Wednesday

The athlete standing atop the platform looks down toward his watery goal. He mentally rehearses one last time his feat. Plotting out exactly where his aim is, he understands what's riding on his next move... everything. His career is his body and his ability to marry his mind and machine to execute with the most efficicient of precision, his performance. Exactly what will be seen by a captive audience and the panel of judges will be evidenciary proof of the amount of time, effort and sheer determination that has been poured into his craft. He's ready. He leaps. One thought pumped through his blood from his focused mind..."I'm going to go in. I'm going to give it all I've got." He went in, with his whole heart vested, and he pushed, He went ham.

As a young girl I was mesmerized by the graceful iceskaters that slid across the LCD as I. rapt imagine myself to one day be a performer. I wanted nothing more than this although I never had a lesson, lived nowhere close to a skating rink and knew my folks didn't have the wherewithal to provide for such an endaevor. But I could still dream. Then one day the news hit, Michelle Kwan was attacked by Tanya Harding. I couldn't believe it! I Such hate...such mind numbing blinding hate...such audacity! Publicly? I couldn't fathom it, but yet, there it was ...all across the media.

In life there will be performers who are deeply invested in their pssion. And you'll have those who are so consumed by env, hate and jealousy that nothing else but evil consumes them. The mindset to have here is to know that while these people exist, focus on Christ and do you. Go in, give it all. Be aggressive toward your mark. Go in, go deep and go hard.

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