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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thumpin' Thursdays- Be Bold and Brag About It

This song is an oldie but also a goodie. Boast has recently been accepted into circulation by the well known, Wutz Hood Radio, Gospel Network. It has been an honor to be accepted into circulation and I'm excited about the possibilities.

The concept of the song emerged froma desire to convey that Christians have alot to be thankful for. Whil ethe world can brag about their riches and wealth and revel in their accomplishments, sinfully acquired,  BOAST reminds us of the true ballers like Job, Moses, Enoch, David, Solomon and many more who were blessed by God in riches, wealth, health, wisdom and eternal life. Christians, open your mouth and BOAST in the Lord!

Download BOAST free:
Youtube Lyric Video:

Check out Wutz Hood!

The next track I'll be working on is Neva U.G.L.Y. The draft version I have is not up to my personal standard for submission. It will be revised and re-recorded for quality. I like the concept, and the collaborative effort by Da-Ro was unmistakably excellent.  I will also be posting it as next week's Song of the Week.

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