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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Word Out Wednesday: Be Driven

Word Out Wednesday

Today marks a new beginning for those who claim the name of Jesus.
It's easy to make plans, and even easuer for those plans to fail. Try instead to let go of your own reasoning
and place them in the hands of a God who is able to change your situation for the better. Be unafraid of the attacks of the  enemy, and assure yourself that you are in the right due to the atacks of the enemy.
The wicked prosper not by the Lord, but because the devil also takes care of his own.
Be sure that your self assuredness isn't misplaced, and constantly be in a state of  daily devotion with God.
Ask yourself if your plans are impulses or if they are in keeping with His holy will.
Last but not least, everyone is different. Do not compare yourself to others.
The success of othes may not be due to the hand of God. Your blessig may take longer, but it is YOUR blessing. Embrace it and cherish it. Yeild your will to God's and you will see a manifestation of power not your own. I have a relative who said she likes to drive, but sometimes it feels good to be driven because it's less stressful dealing with all the antics of the road. Today, allow yourself to be driven by the Master.

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