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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well we've all been there before. WE wanted something so badly that it hurt. And while we were trying to get hurt too. In this life, as a Christian, you will be faced with trials and adversities. These cannot be viewed as entirely negative. Before gold is purified for sale, it goes through a process of burning. The fire burns out the unwanted substances that make the gold impure. But for this to happen, the gold isn't just sitting on the sidelines while this is happening. It is an active participant of the purification process. We are the same as this gold. God wants us to be pure and is making us and reshaping us into his image and the likeness of His character. Firey trials are like that workout that burns and stings and hurts. But we can't stop and give up, because of the pain. That pain is your body transforming on a microscopic level. The muscle fibers are tearing and repairing, destroying old muscle and building new stronger fibers. Give up, and you will keep the same weak flacid fibers and not grow new ones. One day a huge trial will come, and you wont have the spiritual muscle to face it head on. It hurts, but it's for your good. Claim God's promise to be with you in the trial as He was in the furnace with Daniel and the Hebrew boys; with Jospeh in the jail; with Paul and Silas in prison, with Peter and John when they raised the lame man through Jesus name, with Daniel in the lion's den.... He will be there with you because you are more precious to Him than the purest gold.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Feature: Happy Slaves

There are individuals who have grown accustomed to complacency. They live in their own world where they stagnate, yet complain to others about their problem. The truth is they really don't want to change and they want attention, so they constantly go to others with their problems, so they can receive pity, or empathy. The problem is, the more we listen to them, the more we ourselves become poisoned with their toxic tales. Enough already, Firmly refrain from such communication with these people. If you can see that your words are only met with excuses like "i've heard this all before" "Things will change in its own time" "I'm working on it (But they're really not), then it's time for you to snip snip. If you stick around them long enough, their happiness in the situation(s) that has enslaved them will begin to rub off on you, and you'll find that your own goals will fall by the wayside (along with your sanity!) Separate from these satisfied slaves!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morning Moment: Haterade

Often when there is something that is not understood, it is discarded, shunned and hated. The beautiful girl with the dangeerous curves, beautiful eyes and long hair is spoken of as having a weave, wearing contacts and being dumb. "She has a what? A Master's she probably slept her way to the top for that one." Hate. Pure and undefiled. Envious others see this natural beauty and can't stand the fact that they don't look like her. I know this girl. This is not just an example for the purposes of talking. The young man who was ostracized for being brainy, a little off beat and quiet...hardly given the opportunity to display his talents because he wasn't really very popular, although well known for being the weirdo. Over time, he matured into a powerhouse, possessing an arsenal of talent, industry contacts and distinguished social contacts. Yet the past still haunts him and he is riddled with self doubt because during hs early, formative years, people put him down. I know this man. HE is a real human being, and on eof my friends. He was not conjured up for the sake of this blog. The older gentleman who has been called gay because no one sees him with a woman. He has chosen to live the life of celibacy and sanity. HE's done with the crazies and wants nothing more than to reconcile his life with God and wait until GOd directs his steps. Haters: "He probably pleasure shimself or is gay. There is no way he could be a grown man like that and not have some form of outlet." Haterade comes in many different flavors. The varieties are endless. But one this is certain. Once it cannot be understood, it is therefore not appreciated. And value is placed on things that are apreciated. This is why many people are not appreciated and hated on. Their shaky past, although forgiven by God is a constant dialogue amongst people who do not want to put it to rest. These people have been mislabeled and the jealousy soars. What one person sees in the disciplined health enthusiast, is what they wish they could themselves And it kills them that they don't have it, or the slammin body to match. The way to deal with Hateradeis to keep doing what God has purposed for you to do in your life. Keep it up, one day they'll get so ful of the Haterade, the glucose levels will send them into a cotatonic shock. But remember, in your heart, never to hate them for hating you. They can't help it. They need a lessing in their life, something that will fill their lack. SO ask GOd to provide it to them. You will be blessed for your genuine kindness.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thumpin Thursday: Himself

I have a a few friends who have been going through some extremely trying times. This song serves as a reminder that God is able to do anything extraordinary to fix the problems you're facing. You weren't there when he created the world. He ddn't need your help then, and he doesn't need your help to fix your situation now. All he needs from you is a willingness to relinquish your will. Let go, step back and let God do it by Himself.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Be Different!

Think about Jesus and all the things that He did. Think about the way He carried Himself in verious circumstances. Remember how He addressed those who tried to twist scriptures to suit their purposes. In every thought and deed, Christ was perfect. He became flesh in order to model to us how powerful and influential we can become when we completely give our lives over to the will of the Father. Now this power, yes may be manifested by major career steps, a promotion, an influence over people etc. Howevr, the power I'm focusing on is the only power that really even matters with regards to mankind. This is the power to release people from bondage. The power to speak and let it be. The power to tell a mountain to be moved and it is. The power to cast out demons unashamedly and boldy proclaim the Gospel, no matter what. This holy boldness comes from a desire to love and serve God. As we get to know Him, Hiw will is revealed to us. We begin to mirror Christ and His characeter. When demons see us, they step off.

In this age, it's easy to assimilate and be persuaded to acoomodate practices that we really shouldn't, all for te sake of not standing out and making ourselves a target. I say, be reminded of the special blessings and rewards that God had promised His people who suffer for His sake. Most of the songs , movies, and menia in general are hyperssexualized, contain underlying sexual innuendos, promote lasciviousness, and gluttony,wontoness and excess. There is s perversion of the truth and a willingness to boldly  say  whatever one feels. Decisions are made on impulses, and people are told to go with the good feeling when faced with a tough decision. Well, this is not always te best route, because God has already told us in His Word that the heart is deceitfully wicked above all things and who can know it? So seeing someone drop bills on the ground, many would say nothing and snatch it up. That would certainly feel good wouldn't it? But is it neccesarily correct? Is it noble, pure or lovely?

The song below is a reminder to be different. Walk away form the crowd if the crowd isn't doing the right thing. There is no need to get caught up on the disusting ways of the world. And if you've been an indulger, it isn't a problem for you to give it up and accept Christ. Cold turkey is great, but if releasing wrong is a gradual process for you, then that's something that would be between you and God. Don't take too long though, because He's coming back and is right now in the process of sealing His own. That's why you should always remember that your life is only borrowed. You're not your own.

There is also great inspiraiton  that  can be found in the life story of Minister Danielle Williams. You can read more about this dynamic  woman here. She certainly is a force to be reckined with. Remember that as a new creation, under God, you are exactly THAT...A NEW CREATION. BE DIFFERENT!  What may seem difficult now, will be so worth it to you when you finally get your reward of eternal life.
Read more about her riveting story here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You're Beautiful! - Song of the Week

This is a rough draft of a song I did with an artist which speaks of people going through different problems. Please remember how beautiful you are to God. If a King values you, then it doesn't matter who else doesn't.

Lyrics and Production by Najestique
Vocals: Londie Jae

Monday, January 7, 2013

Lying Christians

Lying Christians. Does this seem like a possibility?
Well after reading several posts from friends of Facebook, and having several personal experiences, I have come to the conclusion that this is indeed a possibility.
A Christian who lies... the idea is just unnerving, yet we do it all the time in some ay, shape or form.
Whether  it’s stealing time from the job, or picking up something that doesn’t
belong to us, but we know that we need it, and whoever it belongs to, doesn’t.
Sometimes we tell bold faced lies, like those to our wives and husbands, children, and other family and friends. We justify these lies by claiming that we need to get out of a sticky situation.

Or we blatantly lie because we feel we are saving someone else from some form of shame.
Like when someone asks you if so and so is cheating on them, and you know for a fact that they are. And you out right say no. “After all,” you reason, “ Why would he/she think I’d rat my friend out? If she has to ask that question then she has a suspicion and is stupid to stay with them. ”

Or when you found money and someone asks if you've seen it and you're like "No."
But you justify the response by saying that if they were more careful, then they wouldn't have lost it, an dit wouldn't have found its way in my pocket.

Let’s face the facts. God has a place for liars. We’re not talking about, making a mistake, or an occasional, slip up. But the outright blatant pathological, habitual lie that is so commonplace that it is now a ritual. As with any habit, lying is addictive, and insidious. This is especially so because over time we can begin to believe our own delusions.
For the Christian struggling with lying, I’d say, take one moment and get real with God. Tell HIm why you the real reasons. Admit that it’s hard for you to stop. Tell him that you would like to stop (If that’s the truth) and if you don’t want to stop, just be honest. Get it out in the open. Ask Him to put in you a truthful tongue. It may not happen overnight, but you will find those lies diminishing. The day may come for you to profess Christ, and because of your habit, you do a Peter and deny Christ. Don’t deny the One Who gave everything for you. Tell Him that the circumstances that drive you to lie are taking over, and your lies are deadly coping mechanisms that you know are wrong. (That's if you even believe they're wrong). Whatever your conversation with God, just talk. He will listen and He will answer. Remember, the hellfire is a purification of the earth of sin. get the sin out of you, because He really doesn't want to destroy any soul. It's just the sin that's in you He needs to get rid  off. If you're holding on to it, He has no choice. Don't be in that situation. Fall in Love with Him again so your motives for change aren't purely to avoid hell fire. He will help.