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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well we've all been there before. WE wanted something so badly that it hurt. And while we were trying to get hurt too. In this life, as a Christian, you will be faced with trials and adversities. These cannot be viewed as entirely negative. Before gold is purified for sale, it goes through a process of burning. The fire burns out the unwanted substances that make the gold impure. But for this to happen, the gold isn't just sitting on the sidelines while this is happening. It is an active participant of the purification process. We are the same as this gold. God wants us to be pure and is making us and reshaping us into his image and the likeness of His character. Firey trials are like that workout that burns and stings and hurts. But we can't stop and give up, because of the pain. That pain is your body transforming on a microscopic level. The muscle fibers are tearing and repairing, destroying old muscle and building new stronger fibers. Give up, and you will keep the same weak flacid fibers and not grow new ones. One day a huge trial will come, and you wont have the spiritual muscle to face it head on. It hurts, but it's for your good. Claim God's promise to be with you in the trial as He was in the furnace with Daniel and the Hebrew boys; with Jospeh in the jail; with Paul and Silas in prison, with Peter and John when they raised the lame man through Jesus name, with Daniel in the lion's den.... He will be there with you because you are more precious to Him than the purest gold.

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