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Monday, January 7, 2013

Lying Christians

Lying Christians. Does this seem like a possibility?
Well after reading several posts from friends of Facebook, and having several personal experiences, I have come to the conclusion that this is indeed a possibility.
A Christian who lies... the idea is just unnerving, yet we do it all the time in some ay, shape or form.
Whether  it’s stealing time from the job, or picking up something that doesn’t
belong to us, but we know that we need it, and whoever it belongs to, doesn’t.
Sometimes we tell bold faced lies, like those to our wives and husbands, children, and other family and friends. We justify these lies by claiming that we need to get out of a sticky situation.

Or we blatantly lie because we feel we are saving someone else from some form of shame.
Like when someone asks you if so and so is cheating on them, and you know for a fact that they are. And you out right say no. “After all,” you reason, “ Why would he/she think I’d rat my friend out? If she has to ask that question then she has a suspicion and is stupid to stay with them. ”

Or when you found money and someone asks if you've seen it and you're like "No."
But you justify the response by saying that if they were more careful, then they wouldn't have lost it, an dit wouldn't have found its way in my pocket.

Let’s face the facts. God has a place for liars. We’re not talking about, making a mistake, or an occasional, slip up. But the outright blatant pathological, habitual lie that is so commonplace that it is now a ritual. As with any habit, lying is addictive, and insidious. This is especially so because over time we can begin to believe our own delusions.
For the Christian struggling with lying, I’d say, take one moment and get real with God. Tell HIm why you the real reasons. Admit that it’s hard for you to stop. Tell him that you would like to stop (If that’s the truth) and if you don’t want to stop, just be honest. Get it out in the open. Ask Him to put in you a truthful tongue. It may not happen overnight, but you will find those lies diminishing. The day may come for you to profess Christ, and because of your habit, you do a Peter and deny Christ. Don’t deny the One Who gave everything for you. Tell Him that the circumstances that drive you to lie are taking over, and your lies are deadly coping mechanisms that you know are wrong. (That's if you even believe they're wrong). Whatever your conversation with God, just talk. He will listen and He will answer. Remember, the hellfire is a purification of the earth of sin. get the sin out of you, because He really doesn't want to destroy any soul. It's just the sin that's in you He needs to get rid  off. If you're holding on to it, He has no choice. Don't be in that situation. Fall in Love with Him again so your motives for change aren't purely to avoid hell fire. He will help.

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