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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morning Moment: Haterade

Often when there is something that is not understood, it is discarded, shunned and hated. The beautiful girl with the dangeerous curves, beautiful eyes and long hair is spoken of as having a weave, wearing contacts and being dumb. "She has a what? A Master's she probably slept her way to the top for that one." Hate. Pure and undefiled. Envious others see this natural beauty and can't stand the fact that they don't look like her. I know this girl. This is not just an example for the purposes of talking. The young man who was ostracized for being brainy, a little off beat and quiet...hardly given the opportunity to display his talents because he wasn't really very popular, although well known for being the weirdo. Over time, he matured into a powerhouse, possessing an arsenal of talent, industry contacts and distinguished social contacts. Yet the past still haunts him and he is riddled with self doubt because during hs early, formative years, people put him down. I know this man. HE is a real human being, and on eof my friends. He was not conjured up for the sake of this blog. The older gentleman who has been called gay because no one sees him with a woman. He has chosen to live the life of celibacy and sanity. HE's done with the crazies and wants nothing more than to reconcile his life with God and wait until GOd directs his steps. Haters: "He probably pleasure shimself or is gay. There is no way he could be a grown man like that and not have some form of outlet." Haterade comes in many different flavors. The varieties are endless. But one this is certain. Once it cannot be understood, it is therefore not appreciated. And value is placed on things that are apreciated. This is why many people are not appreciated and hated on. Their shaky past, although forgiven by God is a constant dialogue amongst people who do not want to put it to rest. These people have been mislabeled and the jealousy soars. What one person sees in the disciplined health enthusiast, is what they wish they could themselves And it kills them that they don't have it, or the slammin body to match. The way to deal with Hateradeis to keep doing what God has purposed for you to do in your life. Keep it up, one day they'll get so ful of the Haterade, the glucose levels will send them into a cotatonic shock. But remember, in your heart, never to hate them for hating you. They can't help it. They need a lessing in their life, something that will fill their lack. SO ask GOd to provide it to them. You will be blessed for your genuine kindness.

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