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Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Beginnings

This week's Feature is about new beginnings. People go through different stages in their life. And while man may evaluate or esteem his fellow man by one set of bench marks, it's inauthentique to use it as a precursor to future behaviors. Too many times, people have fallen victim to misunderstandings and gossip. However, these people must not remain a burning ember in your soul. God has been allowing me to go through several circumstances in which my faith and walk with him has been sorely tested in that regard. Clarity came to me one day from one very unassuming source. Someone I barely speak to asked me "If I don't care, then why does it bother me so much?" That was an eye opener, because I realized two things. What I meant was that I don't care about the person. And two I am concerned about the ramifications of their actions. However, my faith in God would allow me to be non affected by stupidity if I am focused on God and loving all despite their evil ways. It was a challenge to recommit myself to praying for my enemies and for those who despitefully use me and back bite. It also was a challenge for me to re evaluate the way I feel about other people. God has already said its easy to love those who love us back. But we are no better than the Pharisee if we only do that much. We are to love everyone, even in our hearts. it also made me realize that I do care about some of my enemies, but not all of them. How could I say I don't care about someone as a person yet worry about what they do? If I am to truly embody Christ, I need to love all my enemies, not some and trust that whatever harm may come of my enemies' actions pale in comparison to the punishment God has in store for me if I don't choose to love them and not just love them, but pray for them. ( nice, Godly -type prayers). Firstly, God said He will not hear my prayers if I don't forgive others. Secondly, I will be judged and forgiven by God in the same manner that I exact it unto others. Thirdly, harboring hate is like hardwiring contempt into the Spiritual atmosphere of the mind section if the body temple. If my prayers are to be sweet incense, I can't pollute it with fantasies of buses running over "well deserving" enemies. The revenge is best left up to God. Only He knows everything. I was once married to a charming, seemingly Godly man. I soon learned he was a sociopath, rife with a plethora of ill-seated, duplicitous behaviors. I was extremely angry that it appeared is if so many people sides with him despite the plain black and white truths that God only showed me in snippets over time.... A sociopath is who they are. They are never wrong. They never admit guilt. They navigate society's social structures by assuming a charming persona and developing a crafty competence in people skills that is interpreted by others as kindness, skill and intellect. They need to pull the wool over people's eyes. That's their job. And people will be deceived. That's the result. That's one. Two is that anyone who cared to know what really happened would never have jumped to conclusions and gloried in the demise of a relationship. The lessons learned? Love my enemies, they are who they are. Pray for them, do good to them because perhaps not enough people prayed for them to begin with, which had led them to be lacking in some spiritual blessing. They need to be blessed so they can use all that craftiness and skill to be a blessing to others. The choice is up to them if they accept God's mercies, but it isn't up to me to preach to them. I'm not the Holy Spirit... Yes I learned that also! All I need to do is yield fully to God. Thanks for reminding me of that Lord. It's a challenge that God has presented to me and a challenge I accept.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thumpin' Thursdays: Get it!

Thumpin' Thursday's presents GET YO' LIFE RIGHT
Check out my BIC, Apostle Dadrian Ellis
as his team presents  GET YO' LIFE RIGHT.
If you haven't downloaded Christian Motivation, then please by all means hop on over to Youtube and look in the description for more details of this video.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Word Out!

Word Out Wednesday:

The word out is that as a Christian artist, you can benefit from the many services provided by Devine Jamz! Whether you are in ministry, music or media, as long as you have a Christ -centered focus, you can use DJ to assist you in your calling.

Be sure to catch up on the latest blog posts, and review their services.
The Answer to Your Worries:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's Morning Moment

All hail the poer of Jesus' Name. Demons have to tremble at the sound of the same. Go tell the wounded, the weary to behold the power of Jesus' Name unfold. -Najestique

Life is about making adjustments. We are all at some point in life going to go through some radical sifting. Christ does this to purify us. The shaking and sifting will hurt, but we are continually brought to the same place until we can over come whatever it is that is limiting our spiritual potential.

Like the child who doesn't finish dinner, and is presented with the same meal over and over again until it is completed, such the the approach with God. Every obstacle is a new weight, or benchmark for us to become strengthened by. If we fail, we are to repeat it. This is mandatory work from the ultimate personal trainer. If there are problems that you can't understand, if you are surrounded by negativity, if you are uncertain about the future, or if you find yourself battling something, just know that you can't battle something if you enjoy it. Ask fo the heart and mind of God so that whatever you are indulging in that is unlike God will be bitter to your soul, so you'll find it easier to shun it.
Remember, God will not hold you accountable for being tempted. But He will mark the record in Heaven as to your response.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Turn't Up Tuesdays! Porn Pursuer

Jesus! You are almighty and worthy to be praised! Tears come to my eyes as I see how one person..just one person's pain can be someone else's profit. This can be seen as negative, as in the porn industry profiting off the backs of porn "stars" or seen as a plus as in people profiting spiritually from the testimonies of men and women who exit the porn industry. for the purposes of this conversation, I focus on the latter.

I was having a conversation with a friend JUST LAST WEEK about how women buy into the labels that Hip Hop music videos and mainstream media portray them as.
They believe they NEED to walk half naked in the streets and YES in the church too.
Then they have the NERVE to complain when a red blooded PHYSIOLOGICALLY FUNCTIONING male tries to "hollar" at them.

I have been perusing my friend's ministry for some time. Evangelist Danielle Williams has been breaking ground with her openness about leaving the porn industry and has been using her ministry to help others come to Christ. She has been pursuing these women with tenacity and holy boldness! What is sensational about this is her humility and openness in becoming a role model to other women by the grace of God. She has gotten healthier, stronger, and wiser and is helping to pull other women out of the pit of darkness, where they are worshipping Baal.

Any of you who have studied ancient Baal temple worship will see that many of the sexual acts committed in pornography are a direct violation of the body temple, but of every principle of God's law. Yet so many men and women openly denounce it, yet secretly watch and indulge in it.
The time has come and will soon pass for people to get on the SAVED bandwagon. Every unclean and foul spirit that binds the sincere and true worshippers of God, I cast out in the mighty name of Jesus!

(Here is Minister Danielle Williams with Shelly Lubben (middle) Founder, Shelley Lubben started this much needed organization after she escaped the clutches of the devil.  Her devotion to the ministry is evidenced by her desire to acquire advanced degrees in theological studies and ministry.

Take some time and read the Secret Sin page and do your own digging on Baal worship. Baal Poer, and you will see for yourself how indulging in these practices are a way that the devil gains a mastery over your soul; One cannot have two masters. Yet, so many people are deluded into thinking that fornication, adultery, lasciviousness, all sins discussed in the Bible are somehow okay.
This may take you a few hours, so clear out a good portion of your day for God and review the following:

Here's another video to get you started:
It's important to know the symbols of the Baal worship and who or what Baal is, so please read the description below the video.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Morning Moment: Singing Through Your Trials

I was up early this morning and lamenting on how I've fallen off my fitness routine, prioritizing school and training, and how many things I have to do within such a short time, and slew of other issues when I sat down with frustration wondering how in the world I would get everything done in time. These are do or die time frames, not imposed on me by myself. These are tight performance based deadlines. This is when God spoke to me. I will take no credit because I was too busy stressing to be coming up with anything so germane and sublime:

Reeds, although slender and flimsy in appearance, only bend under the strong gail. And as the wind assails them, all you can hear them do is sing.

All I can say is that God sure knows how to speak to this woman. I loved to listen to the reeds sing when I was growing up down south. Watching the water ebb as the wind blew...It really does bend those reeds.....even the dry brittle reeds sway. Thank you Father for this analogy and I pray it touches someone today.

Have a blessed Monday :-D


Well, I know it has been quite some time since I've posted anything here. I've stopped recording for several reasons, the main one being that I have not been able to secure a reliable, honest, committed, respectful, and diligent engineer that is flexible with my schedule and has accommodations for young children. I found one great place but had to stop because my own schedule changed, along with priorities. Also, what I have found is that many of the engineers I've worked with are very disorganized. As a graphic designer in school we were taught to catalog our files for future reference. For some reason, many of the engineers I've worked with will tell you that they can't find my file. Maybe they weren't taught this in school? I don't know. But it may be a person to person thing because I know of 2 highly organized people. I could fall off the map for ten years and they'd still be able to locate the files that I need. Each person is prone to disorganization on a personal level. This is not what I mean. I only mean when it comes to business, one must always try to be organized, even if the business is conducted out of your home or garage. The other reason is because God has been opening up some doors for me with regards to my career, and I know that now is not the time to get back into music. I'm always writing, so that will never change, but the rehearsals, and recording, travelling etc. has been put on hold.