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Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Morning Moment: Singing Through Your Trials

I was up early this morning and lamenting on how I've fallen off my fitness routine, prioritizing school and training, and how many things I have to do within such a short time, and slew of other issues when I sat down with frustration wondering how in the world I would get everything done in time. These are do or die time frames, not imposed on me by myself. These are tight performance based deadlines. This is when God spoke to me. I will take no credit because I was too busy stressing to be coming up with anything so germane and sublime:

Reeds, although slender and flimsy in appearance, only bend under the strong gail. And as the wind assails them, all you can hear them do is sing.

All I can say is that God sure knows how to speak to this woman. I loved to listen to the reeds sing when I was growing up down south. Watching the water ebb as the wind blew...It really does bend those reeds.....even the dry brittle reeds sway. Thank you Father for this analogy and I pray it touches someone today.

Have a blessed Monday :-D

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