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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's Morning Moment

All hail the poer of Jesus' Name. Demons have to tremble at the sound of the same. Go tell the wounded, the weary to behold the power of Jesus' Name unfold. -Najestique

Life is about making adjustments. We are all at some point in life going to go through some radical sifting. Christ does this to purify us. The shaking and sifting will hurt, but we are continually brought to the same place until we can over come whatever it is that is limiting our spiritual potential.

Like the child who doesn't finish dinner, and is presented with the same meal over and over again until it is completed, such the the approach with God. Every obstacle is a new weight, or benchmark for us to become strengthened by. If we fail, we are to repeat it. This is mandatory work from the ultimate personal trainer. If there are problems that you can't understand, if you are surrounded by negativity, if you are uncertain about the future, or if you find yourself battling something, just know that you can't battle something if you enjoy it. Ask fo the heart and mind of God so that whatever you are indulging in that is unlike God will be bitter to your soul, so you'll find it easier to shun it.
Remember, God will not hold you accountable for being tempted. But He will mark the record in Heaven as to your response.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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