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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pretentious People

It can be one of the most annoying and hurtful of situations. Having to ditch someone because they constantly ditch on you. You invest so much time in these friends to figure out at one point that they are vile serpents. It isn't that difficult to remedy the situation.
IGNORE. God says to be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove. These confrontational people have so many issues that nothing but the blood of Jesus will fix them.
I realize that each year, my circle of friends I had get purged, and often replaced by new more awesome people. But even if not, I'd still rather quality over quantity.
The best advice I can give you is to not give an announcement as to your plans. With some people there are non-negotiable terms involved....FLEE!


So since my gospel rap days and the debates I've had with people as to why I made the songs I did. I have simply one thing to say.  If you didn't care too much for it, then don't take the time to bash it.
That's like me for example hating on Tchaikovsky because of his heavy use of I continue to play his music and listen to it constantly just to bash it. This does not build anyone  up.
I appreciate the frankness and openness of those who have simply said " This is not my vibe."
and were able to still provide constructive criticism.
I appreciate those that were willing to work with me in the past, but truly, I need to stop being lazy and produce my own stuff. I remember back in the day I made a beat for "You Next" using Majix of sheer will, because ya girl can't play the piano, but it sure sounded like a Masterpiece. Just ask my brother Tye. Determination is key here. It seriously cuts all alot of the headache of dealing with people and their idiosyncrasies. In the end, only you know what you really want, and your album cannot be placed in the hands of people who are unconcerned about your success, period.

Another angle

Hello everyone! I've got some great ideas for revamping this blog. I have some unfinished projects that I will choose to complete only in accordance with God's will. I have transitioned out of a very toxic environment, and God has given me literally new inspiration and I am practically bubbling over with excitement. The main goal is to share the gospel, and this does not need to always be int he form of music, so I will continue to share my words of inspiration as I pray they speak to you in ways that will enlighten, heal and mend.
Please be sure to check out my other blogs My musings as a teacher My transformation from flab to fab, and how you can be healthy and fit too. As I leave, I'd like you to think on this:

"Don't be hasty to share details of your personal life with others. They will smile in your face and gossip behind your back."

  "Consistently, the one who tells who you who is saying what about you should be classified as one who joins them."

 and finally, "there is a difference between speaking by faith and straight up lying or misleading people."

The last quote was sparked by an awesome conversation I had with a brother the other day coupled with a meaningful sermon.
The difference between the two is this: Speaking by faith, says you trust that God has the ability to do it in accordance with His will, and the other one is just you operating out of self.

Let's look at things from another angle and keep it real!