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Monday, September 30, 2013


So since my gospel rap days and the debates I've had with people as to why I made the songs I did. I have simply one thing to say.  If you didn't care too much for it, then don't take the time to bash it.
That's like me for example hating on Tchaikovsky because of his heavy use of I continue to play his music and listen to it constantly just to bash it. This does not build anyone  up.
I appreciate the frankness and openness of those who have simply said " This is not my vibe."
and were able to still provide constructive criticism.
I appreciate those that were willing to work with me in the past, but truly, I need to stop being lazy and produce my own stuff. I remember back in the day I made a beat for "You Next" using Majix of sheer will, because ya girl can't play the piano, but it sure sounded like a Masterpiece. Just ask my brother Tye. Determination is key here. It seriously cuts all alot of the headache of dealing with people and their idiosyncrasies. In the end, only you know what you really want, and your album cannot be placed in the hands of people who are unconcerned about your success, period.

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