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Monday, October 21, 2013

Satanic Symbolism in the Music Business and true origins of oral sex

Okay, so here's the Run Down for Newbies...

Baphomet: Part ram, part female part male demonic entity that is worshipped, an underling and representation of Satan. It is a real demonic entity, symbolized by the ram horns by rocksters when they throw up the 'devil' horns. It represents a blurring of God's original creation which was distinctly male and female, separate, and cooperative. The Baphomet represents one union, a gender bending and iniquitous and androgynous of nothingness, an sexual, no-gender, Godless being. Its wings are reminiscent its supernatural power. The Baphomet also represents androgynous characteristics. Satan hates what God represents, and always blurs the distinction between distinctly male and distinctly female. Many Christians laugh at comedians when they(as men) wear a woman's attire. It's somehow hilarious. but let a woman dress as a man and call it comedy, and it's shunned. Twisted and successfully sick.

Eye of Horus: Cover one eye. Emphasis on one eye. The all seeing eye of a Horus; Horus was said to have been re-incarnated by being conceived by an adulterous queen of an Egyptian Pharaoh. She said that she was impregnated by the sun god, Rah to cover her tracks. Many Pharoahs and Queens, took on the names of the gods they worshipped. Right eye seen as the sun, left eye seen as the moon. Circle with extended fingers represent the sun emanating from the eye...which of course is the window to the soul. One is essentially saying they are a god. Egyptians worshipped the sun as the life-giver. If the sun comes from within, then they worship themselves, as gods, because they gave life to themselves. No one can even come close to this besides God. "I am that I am" is what Holy Jehovah God has proclaimed. Only God is the great life giver.

Triangle/Diamond Hands: A Triangulation of earth wind and fire. The three elements that are worshipped. Also a pyramid shape whose apex points upward to Lucifer who has fallen.

Sideways Eight (infinity symbol): Life is never ending. After death is self induced life.

Allister Crowley: founder of the Satanist church and author of modern witchcraft and sorcery. Openly suggested that the blood of an innocent male child will strengthen the powers of those who practice witchcraft. Also famous as saying "Do as thou wilt" A slogan worn prominently by Jay Z.

"As above, So Below": One finger extended upward. The other hand extends downwards. Also the one hand can alternate between both motions to throw you off. The person emulating said hand gesture is basically saying "As your will satan, above me, so let it be below, as I am below you."

Coffins: Glorifying death and necromancy.(sex with the dead)Also God is the life giver. Since life comes from within man (as they reason) people who do not agree with this ideology are essentially the trouble makers..they are the bearers of death, and responsible for suffering. Sleeping in coffins, also denotes a power over the grave...again, willing God's attributes to oneself.

Upside down crosses: Mockery of Jesus; Denial of what Christ did on the cross. His death was in vain, which means Christ is still dead.

Black and White contrast Patterns: Standard Illuminati ying and yang ...ever constant struggle between good and evil.

The Owl and falcon: ancient Egyptian symbolism of Horus, the sky and air.

Lightning Bolt: represents Lucifer who has "fallen as thunder from heaven" These people pity Lucifer and claim God is unfair and is a hater because Lucifer had the real power.

Star: pentagram, demonic power, also associated with witchcraft and Pagan worship/black magic.

The worship of Baal Peor ( yet another demonic entity): I always wondered why there was so much emphasis on giving brain, blowing the dome, going down, etc. in Hip Hop videos/music and this video I found over two years ago explains why. This is a ritual that goes back to temple prostitutes being used in part of ritualistic offerings to Satan. The male member disappearing into the mouth of the female symbolized the male's willingness to give up his manhood for Baal Peor. Likewise, the position the woman had to assume related to her accepting that she is nothing more than an animal (knees on ground) a sign of submission and worship. The complete bowing down of the man in front of the woman in cunnilingus, was also a yielding of the man before the Baal Peor, or the god/lord of the opening. Opening yourself up to what? To the entrance of this demon into your body temple.

Kanye craves God's place-Final Events in History

Look at this nonsense. I'm sick. 
By Kanye "bringing" God to stage, He is essentially saying that he fathered God. I heard of a young student who actually became demon possessed from Kanye's Power video. Why do so many Christians still listen to this heathen? Because they are either fooled, hate God or plain stupid. I mean seriously.. look at the symbols all over his demonic robe? How much more demonically blatant can you be?Oh and let's not forget his down low video which was so eloquently broken down by a Youtuber. (Please also Google how Kanye West sacrificed his mother in order to get his initial REAL record deal JUST like Jennifer Hudson SLAUGHTERED her family to get where she is. Remember, that Satan is the ruler of the air. He is referred to in the Bible as one that was walking up and down in the world to and fro when God asked of Him, why he had approached Heaven's gate. Jennifer Hudson's family was a blood sacrifice to fame and riches. These heartless people will one day turn on the devil himself and try to kill him in that judgment day. However, by then it would have been too late. There are signs of a general assimilation of satanic rituals and practices by the media. And Madonna, who knowingly and openly admits to why she had two people of the same sex kiss in her video back in the 80's and who is a known Kabbal practitioner, is reveling in video imagery of MK Ultra mind control and torture.

Kanye is a homosexual who openly wants to be seen as heterosexual, but is burning in desire after men. To be in this industry and NOT sleep with any of these powerful men as an up and coming male artist or actor is not unlikely. Look at those goons at the top in the BET Hip hop Awards picture...each and everyone known to have sold their souls to the devil (LITERALLY) Snoop whatever he calls himself now, even portrays this ritual in his video. he had to make the video as a part of his deal so that he could get women, fame and glory...worldly glory. And he is so open with it, that it's like wow. Okay they don't care because nothing and no one can harm them. Their protection comes from the devil. And they are persuaded that their real power comes from the devil, and not this weak Jesus that Christianity proports.


(Remember that before Katt Williams became famous, his past was irrelevant. After he began his 'whistle-blowing' campaign, you see all kinds of mugshots and the media trying to demonize him. TuPac, Dave Chappelle and DMX talk about the same method of the system demonizing people who begin to expose the truth..the REAL TRUTH as to what is REALLY going on.)

Rick Ross smh..why should this even be a surprise? Please watch.

I know this is alot of information, but it is too important to miss.

Rosanne Barr, and many more tell of MK ultra Mind control. and when it's time to snuff you out, it's always the same way as everyone else that got snuffed before. "Suicide", OD, alcoholism, car accident. ALWAYS.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Power, Control, Sophistication

I just had to share this favorite with you:

There's a reason why I love JJ Hairston so much. I can hear the James Hall influences. Seeing him singing tenor so emphatically with the others truly made me see the connections between Hall and himself. Listen to the control this group has over their voices as they effortlessly transition from opranic, swelling and minimizing voices. It's just perfect. Only Heaven could perfect it further.
Here is another favorite, enjoy!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Praise Him! - Rant

Once you can express the events in your life as praise and not a means of validating yourself to others, then you will know that you have truly grown, and broken free from the powers of bondage.
Bondage says, tell everyone what you're doing." It influences motive. If your motives are pure then it won't matter.
Likewise, in your praising, be careful who you divulge information to.

Not everyone understands your motives. For instance, I got my Masters several years ago, and not everyone knew. One friend in particular, had her own ideas as to what I should have been doing with it. She said that I “had a Masters degree just sitting there collecting dust.” It was not God’s time for me to use it, and I knew that. However, He told me to get ready. So I got the MS and had it there hanging in the wings. Now an outside party was trying to tell me what to do. Just because you have something doesn't mean you should be all willy nilly with it. Prepare and when the time is right, you would have already been prepared to receive that blessing.



There are people that pray for a husband of wife. Why are you doing this when you aren’t ready? Ready to have sex doesn’t not equal ready to get married. Being morally responsible and emotionally stable are hallmarks of marriage preparedness. It is also in knowing that you have a lot to give, not wanting to receive something all the while. Being married is not an indicator of success or accomplishment. Neither is having several degrees. Anyone can go to college, and anyone can say “I do.” However, where and how does Christ fit in to all of this?

I am beyond tired of people who truly want to get married pout about how much they want to get married and then when they don’t get their way, recant and say, they don’t want to get tied down. Give me a break. Stop being impatient and wait. Sometimes God brings annoying people in our lives so we can see how we are. And it takes patience and discernment to be able to see it. Then it takes the power of the Holy Ghost to change it. Trust me, I have spoken to God about people who are ANNOYING. Then I heard him speaking to me saying “Well what annoys you about them?” I’d think of several things.

“Well, you are the same way” He’d say. People are needed to be in our lives to hold up a form of mirror for us. Maybe if someone approached me and said “Hey you know you are this that and the other” I’d tell them to jump off a cliff. But having God place people in my life where I can actually see for myself what the deal is, has helped me twofold. One, I can see who I am and what needs to be changed. I also strengthen my prayer life by praying for others. There are people who have wronged me to whom communication is a non issue. However, it hasn’t stopped me from praying FOR them, not AGAINST them. I suppose there are people who don’t’ understand friendship and love. So if they leave, then let them go.


I know of someone else who was being dissuaded in moving because he needed seed money. He tried to explain to this lady that he did not need seed money. All he needed was God. Well, this person he was speaking to didn’t understand that it is God that gives man the strength to get wealth. Likewise, He withholds it from us until we are mature enough to receive it. Don’t let anyone tell you differently from what God wants you to do. Sometimes they are just trying to be helpful, but other times, it is just pure resentment the fuels their advice. They resent where you are and what you have and what you could become.

At present, I am working on completing a degree I started some years back. I am not saying this to brag, but I say it because I know it is God who is giving me the strength to do it.

People ask me, how do I do it all? My simple answer is that I pray and ask God for direction, and He gives it to me. Then I ask for strength to follow it.

I live in a place where there are few distractions. I used to live where I made progress, but the atmosphere was toxic and detrimental to my soul. If there is something you don’t like, then focus only on what you can control. I knew I could control where I live, but I couldn’t change what was happening around me no matter how hard I tried. So I left that environment.

Mental/emotional stress is real , the perception is real also. There is also emotional stress that is detrimental to your body. I know of a teacher who had to stop working because of the stress level on her. She said it was affecting her heart. Other than the physical, what others may believe is stressful, doesn’t need to be a big deal for you. It is just a matter of how you perceive it. So someone may look at my life and wonder how, while I look at someone else’s life and wonder “how on earth?”

In sum, remember this week, to take each day, as it is given to you; Moment by moment. Sleep early, rise early. I personally get so much more done this way and so can you!

Don’t forget the little things, because here in lie the pieces of happiness…knowing that there is a God that s in tune with every aspect of your circumstance. Praise God and speak life! He is going through it with you! You can find a friend who is closer than a brother, but you really couldn’t have a better friend like Jesus.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Sex Kitten and Monarch Programming in Minors

These are only two of the many links to articles and reports out there that dissect the culture of sex kitten programming / MK torture and mind control.
As a parent, I find it disturbing that wholesome teens are almost always eventually sacrificed to lust, lasciviousness , vice and wantonness. If you do  simple search of Disney children before and after, the results could alarm you. According to eye witness accounts of those who knew him, Walter Disney was a secret pedophile, and enjoyed watching pedophilia. Researching the cartoons, you will see two and mysticism.
Search Disney sex in cartoons  or Disney subliminals on Youtube, and you will
see the hidden messages. While there is a great deal of clutter out there, with the Spirit of discernment, one can sift out the fluff and really focus in on relevant, and valid details on the topic.

Here are some links to articles that discuss it further.

Why all the sex and perversion? In sum, it's my belief that implicit in the New Age movement is the worship of many gods, one of which is the feminine or female principle. The womb and fertility is worshipped as a life giving treasure, one that is of so much importance that it needs to be glorified.
The male principle, is also worshiped, but the feminine principle is seen as a very powerful source in witchcraft. While many New Agers will say they do not worship the fallen Lucifer, the founder of the church of Satan argues that New Agers hold many of their beliefs, which essentially make them the same, It's just a matter of semantics.

Be watchful and pray.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sex Kitten Programming

A simple internet search will bring a world of information to you on this topic. It is a real and insidious method of mind control and many celebrities participate in it. Victims can be male or female, and this form of mind control utilizes cruel and inhumane methods of punishment, discipline and mind games in order to create a puppet out of the victim. Often, victims are willing, only because of the effects of the mind control. The victims essentially develop Stockholm syndrome on steroids and often cannot escape. There are trigger words, rituals and symbols that glorify self deprecation, humiliation, mind numbing pain, sensory deprivation, like exposure to cold, being caged and beaten, forced to consume excrement and being used as sexual play toys. The slave is little more than an animal. When several years ago Snoop appeared at the MTV music awards with girls on dog leashes, I was like okay. Some folks really would do anything to be famous or get money. But now I am convinced that some form of drugging, and mental coercion was at play here. There are a slew of subliminal and not so subliminal messages in music videos of today that promote sex kitten programming. Studies have shown that the human mind is so powerful that it is able to act upon subliminal messages without the frontal cortex that governs reason even being aware that a subliminal message has been passed to the basal part of the brain, let alone having acted out upon it. We must well guard the avenues to our souls, because we wrestle not against flesh and blood. We must not be the first ones to follow a fashion, or be so awkward looking we call unnecessary attention to ourselves. ...many people who embrace this sex kitten programming lifestyle are in fashion magazines and are revered by many. Their clothes are designed to glorify the lifestyle, and not only to Isis, one of their many gods. The Bible admonishes us to be ye therefore separate, to dust off our feet, and be in the world, but not of it. This is something that we must certainly take heed to, because we have but a short time here.