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Monday, October 21, 2013

Kanye craves God's place-Final Events in History

Look at this nonsense. I'm sick. 
By Kanye "bringing" God to stage, He is essentially saying that he fathered God. I heard of a young student who actually became demon possessed from Kanye's Power video. Why do so many Christians still listen to this heathen? Because they are either fooled, hate God or plain stupid. I mean seriously.. look at the symbols all over his demonic robe? How much more demonically blatant can you be?Oh and let's not forget his down low video which was so eloquently broken down by a Youtuber. (Please also Google how Kanye West sacrificed his mother in order to get his initial REAL record deal JUST like Jennifer Hudson SLAUGHTERED her family to get where she is. Remember, that Satan is the ruler of the air. He is referred to in the Bible as one that was walking up and down in the world to and fro when God asked of Him, why he had approached Heaven's gate. Jennifer Hudson's family was a blood sacrifice to fame and riches. These heartless people will one day turn on the devil himself and try to kill him in that judgment day. However, by then it would have been too late. There are signs of a general assimilation of satanic rituals and practices by the media. And Madonna, who knowingly and openly admits to why she had two people of the same sex kiss in her video back in the 80's and who is a known Kabbal practitioner, is reveling in video imagery of MK Ultra mind control and torture.

Kanye is a homosexual who openly wants to be seen as heterosexual, but is burning in desire after men. To be in this industry and NOT sleep with any of these powerful men as an up and coming male artist or actor is not unlikely. Look at those goons at the top in the BET Hip hop Awards picture...each and everyone known to have sold their souls to the devil (LITERALLY) Snoop whatever he calls himself now, even portrays this ritual in his video. he had to make the video as a part of his deal so that he could get women, fame and glory...worldly glory. And he is so open with it, that it's like wow. Okay they don't care because nothing and no one can harm them. Their protection comes from the devil. And they are persuaded that their real power comes from the devil, and not this weak Jesus that Christianity proports.


(Remember that before Katt Williams became famous, his past was irrelevant. After he began his 'whistle-blowing' campaign, you see all kinds of mugshots and the media trying to demonize him. TuPac, Dave Chappelle and DMX talk about the same method of the system demonizing people who begin to expose the truth..the REAL TRUTH as to what is REALLY going on.)

Rick Ross smh..why should this even be a surprise? Please watch.

I know this is alot of information, but it is too important to miss.

Rosanne Barr, and many more tell of MK ultra Mind control. and when it's time to snuff you out, it's always the same way as everyone else that got snuffed before. "Suicide", OD, alcoholism, car accident. ALWAYS.


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