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Monday, October 21, 2013

Satanic Symbolism in the Music Business and true origins of oral sex

Okay, so here's the Run Down for Newbies...

Baphomet: Part ram, part female part male demonic entity that is worshipped, an underling and representation of Satan. It is a real demonic entity, symbolized by the ram horns by rocksters when they throw up the 'devil' horns. It represents a blurring of God's original creation which was distinctly male and female, separate, and cooperative. The Baphomet represents one union, a gender bending and iniquitous and androgynous of nothingness, an sexual, no-gender, Godless being. Its wings are reminiscent its supernatural power. The Baphomet also represents androgynous characteristics. Satan hates what God represents, and always blurs the distinction between distinctly male and distinctly female. Many Christians laugh at comedians when they(as men) wear a woman's attire. It's somehow hilarious. but let a woman dress as a man and call it comedy, and it's shunned. Twisted and successfully sick.

Eye of Horus: Cover one eye. Emphasis on one eye. The all seeing eye of a Horus; Horus was said to have been re-incarnated by being conceived by an adulterous queen of an Egyptian Pharaoh. She said that she was impregnated by the sun god, Rah to cover her tracks. Many Pharoahs and Queens, took on the names of the gods they worshipped. Right eye seen as the sun, left eye seen as the moon. Circle with extended fingers represent the sun emanating from the eye...which of course is the window to the soul. One is essentially saying they are a god. Egyptians worshipped the sun as the life-giver. If the sun comes from within, then they worship themselves, as gods, because they gave life to themselves. No one can even come close to this besides God. "I am that I am" is what Holy Jehovah God has proclaimed. Only God is the great life giver.

Triangle/Diamond Hands: A Triangulation of earth wind and fire. The three elements that are worshipped. Also a pyramid shape whose apex points upward to Lucifer who has fallen.

Sideways Eight (infinity symbol): Life is never ending. After death is self induced life.

Allister Crowley: founder of the Satanist church and author of modern witchcraft and sorcery. Openly suggested that the blood of an innocent male child will strengthen the powers of those who practice witchcraft. Also famous as saying "Do as thou wilt" A slogan worn prominently by Jay Z.

"As above, So Below": One finger extended upward. The other hand extends downwards. Also the one hand can alternate between both motions to throw you off. The person emulating said hand gesture is basically saying "As your will satan, above me, so let it be below, as I am below you."

Coffins: Glorifying death and necromancy.(sex with the dead)Also God is the life giver. Since life comes from within man (as they reason) people who do not agree with this ideology are essentially the trouble makers..they are the bearers of death, and responsible for suffering. Sleeping in coffins, also denotes a power over the grave...again, willing God's attributes to oneself.

Upside down crosses: Mockery of Jesus; Denial of what Christ did on the cross. His death was in vain, which means Christ is still dead.

Black and White contrast Patterns: Standard Illuminati ying and yang ...ever constant struggle between good and evil.

The Owl and falcon: ancient Egyptian symbolism of Horus, the sky and air.

Lightning Bolt: represents Lucifer who has "fallen as thunder from heaven" These people pity Lucifer and claim God is unfair and is a hater because Lucifer had the real power.

Star: pentagram, demonic power, also associated with witchcraft and Pagan worship/black magic.

The worship of Baal Peor ( yet another demonic entity): I always wondered why there was so much emphasis on giving brain, blowing the dome, going down, etc. in Hip Hop videos/music and this video I found over two years ago explains why. This is a ritual that goes back to temple prostitutes being used in part of ritualistic offerings to Satan. The male member disappearing into the mouth of the female symbolized the male's willingness to give up his manhood for Baal Peor. Likewise, the position the woman had to assume related to her accepting that she is nothing more than an animal (knees on ground) a sign of submission and worship. The complete bowing down of the man in front of the woman in cunnilingus, was also a yielding of the man before the Baal Peor, or the god/lord of the opening. Opening yourself up to what? To the entrance of this demon into your body temple.

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