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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sex Kitten and Monarch Programming in Minors

These are only two of the many links to articles and reports out there that dissect the culture of sex kitten programming / MK torture and mind control.
As a parent, I find it disturbing that wholesome teens are almost always eventually sacrificed to lust, lasciviousness , vice and wantonness. If you do  simple search of Disney children before and after, the results could alarm you. According to eye witness accounts of those who knew him, Walter Disney was a secret pedophile, and enjoyed watching pedophilia. Researching the cartoons, you will see two and mysticism.
Search Disney sex in cartoons  or Disney subliminals on Youtube, and you will
see the hidden messages. While there is a great deal of clutter out there, with the Spirit of discernment, one can sift out the fluff and really focus in on relevant, and valid details on the topic.

Here are some links to articles that discuss it further.

Why all the sex and perversion? In sum, it's my belief that implicit in the New Age movement is the worship of many gods, one of which is the feminine or female principle. The womb and fertility is worshipped as a life giving treasure, one that is of so much importance that it needs to be glorified.
The male principle, is also worshiped, but the feminine principle is seen as a very powerful source in witchcraft. While many New Agers will say they do not worship the fallen Lucifer, the founder of the church of Satan argues that New Agers hold many of their beliefs, which essentially make them the same, It's just a matter of semantics.

Be watchful and pray.

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