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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Perfect Lie

“Nobody’s Perfect”
Please follow along and use the God given powers of reason to understand this important concept.Whoever conjured up that lie? The Enemy is who. He would have you believe that there is not a perfect person in existence, well except for Jesus, because he was Jesus. This is the biggest “okey doke” anyone could fall for. Thinking that you can’t ever be perfect because no one else is, is an easy way to make a life of perfection seem unattainable.
If this statement had any merit, then God would in effect be a liar; because the Bible tells us of Enoch and Moses and Elijah who were all translated into Heaven before Christ’s second coming. These men had to be perfect before they could see God. Is God a liar then? Of course not. The Enemy is.
He wants us to believe that perfection is a state of no wrong ever at all. God has already confirmed that ALL of sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  This means that Enoch, Moses and Elijah were sinful people. What made them different from anyone else? What made them perfect like David, Samson  and Paul?  They were perfect because they confessed and repented of their transgressions, and pressed forward, not returning to their sinful ways. Their sins were never things that they held onto in secret, and feigning an appearance of Godliness in front of others. When David committed his sin with Bathsheba, he already had many wives. When God admonished him, he references this fact, not to say that it was okay to have many women, but to highlight David’s greed. David was selfish, and greedy, because he was driven by lust. The root of the problem was his lack of self control of the appetite of his eye. However, David is listed in the New testament as one who will see God because he repented of his transgression against God.
And I believe God made examples of Enoch, Moses and Elijah to show us that indeed, a seemingly hopeless situation can attain Heaven. As we live our lives we often come to moments where we question our walk. We wonder if it’s worth it. If maybe we can be even half as good as Christ is that. The answer is a resounding yes. We can. Let’s take a look at Moses’ life. He was a murderer. He killed someone. He had a temper. He struck the rock instead of speaking to it. He had an Ethiopian wife.  I include this because many Christians have fallen prey to this bold faced lie also. It is not a sin to marry one outside your race. This does not constitute being unequally yoked. Were this the case, where Moses’ marriage to the Ethiopian woman were sinful then he would have had to divorce her before being translated. We know that God has strictly forbidden divorce except in the case of adultery. Even then, he prefers reconciliation. The Bible does state in Matthew that we are to live perfectly as our Father in Heaven is also perfect. (Matt. 5:8). He wants us to mirror His actions so we can see Heaven. Interracial unions are not wrong. The Bible also warns that we must never believe ourselves to be without improvement, because that is when we fall off the mark. We must ever be soul searching, and asking God to show us where we are in error. This walk is one where perfection is reached in stages. There are different levels of perfection. Perfection is living your life to the best of your present knowledge, while ever leaning on God for more knowledge. For some people, that means having certain food omitted from their diet. God sees they are so committed to living a healthy lifestyle that he will impart new light to that person when God sees they are ready to move up on Jacob’s ladder. What perfection looks like will be different in each person, because God knows each person’s individual circumstance.
I’ll give you one more example. Uzzah was struck down dead for touching the Ark of the Covenant. “Okay He was just trying to balance it because the Ox stumbled.” DO NOT EAT THAT POISION FOLKS! Uzzah’s judgment seemed to be swift, but it was because he lived a lifetime of disobedience to God. It became second nature for him to disobey the will of God…so much so that he instinctively reached his hand out to balance the Ark after EXPLICIT and CLEAR instructions not to. This is what the devil has been working on with God’s people. He wants us to legitimize certain sins as customs and tradition, and that God understands. Yes, He sure does understand that you are placing these things as idols. God is not a God of customs and traditions. He is a God who represents His own character. He demands perfections from us because we can’t middle the fence and still make it to the Kingdom.
It’s time to give up those secret sins that you hold onto so dearly. If you claim you love Jesus so much, give it up. I mean He only died on a cross, and He’s not even asking you to do that. Be ye therefore perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect. This is not something He would ask if it were not possible. He has also promised that His strength is sufficient for our weaknesses. He says, He will help us to do all things through His Name. He has said He will be there when we call on Him early. He has promised that we have supernatural strength when we rely on His Name.
The devil sees a threat in people who He knows have the greatest influence over others on the side of right. Do you have problems, and trials? These are to perfect you. Lean on His wisdom and never give up hope. You can be perfect, because God is.
You may have a goal, or endeavor. That needs consistency.    Maybe you’re wavering in indecisiveness. God can create in you perfection to attain these feats. You are capable of perfection if you are willing. Do you have a problem with drugs? Do you cheat on your spouse? Are you a habitual liar? A chronic gossiper? A two faced individual who enjoys their secret sins? You can step out of those nooses, and into a lifetime of accomplishments, perfectly.

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