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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Real men...and women!

I don't usually attend Wednesday night prayer meeting, but I really wanted to go. I don't know, it was an overwhelming feeling of  "GET UP AND GO". So I attended and I am not sorry that I did. I met  a young woman yesterday, from prostituting to the pews.....she said her live in boyfriend led her to Christ. When he got out of jail, she said "we can't live like this. We need to do things the right way." His response..."What have I created?" God knows who is ready for a change. A lot of people look for perfection according to their short list. Love means you know what's going on in the person's life, and while you are not calling yourself a savior, you do things to lead that person to Calvary.
Men, you are called to be leaders; priests. A priest officiates over a congregation...his family. Many Christian men don't understand this concept. They will jump up and fly off to church meetings at the drop of a hat and will not fulfill their priestly duties at home. They believe that by doing the works of God in the church, they are following Christ first. They are so far off the mark. Church duty takes a back seat to family The man, the make...the husband (the bander of the house) is to literally bind the home together through his fervent prayers, his self sacrifice and his approaching the Father to petition His throne as Christ interceded for us. The term husband comes from this concept of house banding. The male went out all day to hunt and work, leaving the wife and children susceptible to danger. A literal fence, high ansd strong in structure was erected as a means of protection in the husband's absence. This bound the house in and kept evil out; hence husband. Christ modelled the behavior a man should have by modelling the character traits in His life here on earth. Women can only be in Godly submission as the husband is under submission to God.

I strongly urge ANYONE who is looking to get married or remarried or engaged, etc to purchase a copy of this item. I read it and was truly blessed beyond understanding. We often ask the Lord to send us things, but get blinded by the packaging, or think it's not of God because it didn't come to us in the way we imagined it would. Do not let this blessing pass you by.;tag=sdfl00-20

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