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Monday, May 18, 2015

Deserts Lead to Desserts

Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons. Drama, gossip, lies, immaturity, leading to abuse and brokenness leading to people who are actually closer to God than where they first started, or at least having a desire to be closer to God no matter what the cost.

Last week, I misplaced my wallet. Couldn't find the thing. I found it almost a week later. I'm certain that God allowed it to be removed from me to strengthen a character trait. That could've been patience or dealing with tough circumstances.

Sometimes God removes people out of your lives or allows adversity to occur so you can see their true colors. I've had many such experiences. People who act one way but are another way behind closed doors.

To make a long story short.... never forget the children of Israel when they were journeying through the wilderness. They wouldn't realize how impatient and unfaithful they were if God didn't test them. Often if things aren't pointed out to us we won't see it to correct it. We need mirrors held up so we can see our true reflection. Then it's up to us to change. Our valleys, trials or desserts will lead to our ultimate dessert or triumph.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Red Dot Christians

     As kids growing up in North Carolina in the 1980s, it was the truly the time for box TVs. You know the old- school crate type TVs. Well ours was an RCA and its cluckniness was no exception. This beast was fuzzy too. We had ten channels. We were only allowed to watch PBS, channel 13 and other than that was the Wonderful World of Disney. If we only knew then about Disney what we know now! Anyway if our folks stepped out, the rule was no television. Now our folks had a Rocket car... A red Volvo ... A fiery little thing that spewed plumes of smoke as it backfired. Hence the name rocket car. It was so embarrassing that thing was. However we graduated that when a local couple bestowed upon my parents their used car for Christmas. Now you maybe wondering what on earth these two cars have to do with our television. EVERYTHING. 

     You see with the rocket car our folks could go run their errands and our eldest sister could lead us astray as we reveled in the forbidden world of "no television allowed". We strained our eyes through MTV and VH1 complete with The Real World, Ren & Stimpy, The Simpsons, Carmen Electra and Madonna's music videos. anything that was off-limits were so watched. The rocket car was so loud you could literally hear that thing half a block away roaring up the street as it backfired. PACKOW! chugga chugga chugga chugga...PACKOW! Zzzzzzznnnnnnnnn..chug chug put put put. That was our queue to shut that box off. We'd spring into action. My elder sister, the one who was supposed to have been left in charge would flop on the couch with her favorite blanket and a book. I  would either start drawing or start playing with some toys or find my younger sister to play with. She'd been kicked out the living room by my older sister because of course she was the tattletale. However there was this one telltale sign that the TV had been on and that was a red dot that appeared in the middle of the screen as soon as you shut the TV off.  This spherical glowing ember would slowly become smaller until the screen went entirely blank. hank you rocket car for being the cue. This was absolutely not the case with the Christmas gift from my parents' dear friends. Oh no. That blue car was golden. Not a sound did it make as it hummed efficiently whilst in transit. We never knew our parents were coming until they were already in the driveway. This glaring red dot would only disappear after roughly two minutes or so. We figured out if we rubbed the middle of the screen it would get smaller more quickly; or so we thought. 
     Well, one day it happened. Mom and dad returned after a couple hours of television revelry. That silent blue vehicle swiftly rounding the bend. We didn't see it until it was already half way down the driveway. You could see our hearts pounding straight out of our chests. The TV was turned off, the remote was put back where it was left before they went out. We had the 'screen-rubber', the 'on-the-couch-book-reader' and the 'beat-it-and-play-with your-toys-in-the-back-or-else' roles all in place. If my memory serves me correctly, we even switched roles to act as a decoy running out to mom and dad acting excited and interested, questioning and trying to see what was in the car and help them take things out; trying to have meaningful and philosophical conversations with them in the kitchen while we robbed that dot of its glory.  You see at the end of the driveway was the entrance to the home. Inside was the dining room, then the kitchen. Make a right you're looking at the hallway closet. Take a few steps  and you're standing in the hallway which spanned left to right. To your left were the bedrooms and bathrooms, to the right the living room and of course in the living room seated on the television stand was ole' mister red dot smiling at you in the middle of the box we called TV.
     When we realized that it was not getting any smaller in the expected two minutes that had passed, my elder sister got up and began to act like she was cleaning the television strategically standing in front of the damning red eye. We must've seen so lame to our parents, older, wiser, experienced who could actually see through our fa├žade with such transparency. As our dad turned the corner the question he always asked when he returned home was poised,
"Was the TV on? Did you watch the television while we were gone? "
"No daddy," we lied.
"(Insert younger sister's name) was the television on?"
Of course she couldn't answer that question because she wasn't there. She was in the back playing. Oh, Boss in Charge made sure of that.
"I don't know" or "no" was her response.
Certain that the red dot had obliterated into pixel dust, my older sister stopped faking the funk of cleaning the TV stand I went to sit on the couch and read her book.
"Be sure your sins will find you out," my mom chimed peering at the screen's center.
There is the middle of the screen was the smallest speck of a red dot. But my mom's eye caught it. Dad also felt the TV. Hot. Of course we were grounded for lying and deceitfulness.
     The point is that we didn't need to wait until we heard the rocket car coming up the road and we didn't have to wait until we saw the blue car approaching to get right. We didn't have to wait until we knew the parents were close or that they had arrived and we didn't have to play things off and act the fool. I cannot remember anything that we watched on that television being of any emotional, psychological or spiritual edification to us at all whatsoever. All I remember is feeling this crushing overwhelming desperate feeling that I'm caught, I'm in a corner feeling you get. Guilt. And while we tried to cover up for what we did, the truth was as plain as the red dot on the television's face. 

     Do not let this be your fate. Don't wait until you see the signs of Christ's soon return to all of a sudden try to get right when you've been living a life of willful sinning. If this is what has happened to you then get right and stay right. Do not be the type of Christian that lives in complacency and slips and then sins as a treat or a reward for good Christianly behavior. Never let yourself go and slip into a moment that is similar to having a cheat meal on a diet. Don't be a red dot Christian.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Don't get left out there

Change is something that can be good, but often the process is painful. In transitioning from Egypt to the Canaan, the Lord used His servant Moses to guide the children of Israel through a desert. This desert was full of tests. And these tests were brought to the children of Israel over and over again. Count how many times for example they were tested with thirst. Many of us believe we would have done way better in their situation, while we are no different. Our faith is a vacillating faith, only strong when we see the immediate or near recent result. Our minds easily forget that the God who paid our bill last month, will put food on the table this month. We fret over job expectations, our aspirations or goals, the rent or the car note, and place our faith in people and in our own devices when God has called us to lean totally on Him. Our expectations are limited to only what we can see, when Christ has called us to have faith IN SPITE of what can or cannot be seen. We lean on our own understanding and live in fear. God wants more from us than that.  The desert is symbolic of many things. It was a purging ground for the chosen people to rid themselves of the practices of Egypt, yet look how quickly they created the golden calf and began to worship it in Moses' absence. See the point? Only when Moses was present did many try to do God's will. But it was a fleeting devotion. And where did they learn how to worship a false God? Of course in Egypt. They still possessed in their heart a desire to serve Satan. And as a result they were denied access to the land promised them. Amazing...12 spies were sent in to Canaan. FINALLY after wandering 40 years in a desert that should have taken them a mere three weeks to journey. Ten were negative reports, and two were good. The minority will never be popular. These two spies with good reports were largely over talked by the ten spies who focused on the people of Canaan being as giants who could crush them. See the point again? Forgetting that God had already promised them this land. Absolutely do not get left in your wilderness because of your insufficient faith. Because that's exactly what happened to the unbelieving host. A God that can create, that can partition a sea for safe passage, that can cast out demons, can surely surpass all the everyday mundane 'problems.'  Seek God first and when the tests come, you will surely pass them.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Sunday observance is not the same thing as Sabbath sacredness. In the old and new testaments, it is clear that the Most high made the seventh-day Sabbath Holy. It's the only day of the week that was given a name instead of a number only.  This name was given by God. We as man call the seventh day or Saturday after the Paganist naming of the days according to the gods worshipped. God's going out of hHis way to give this day a name, and then tell us to REMEMBER it speaks volumes. Satan has always wanted worship. In these last days, it is important to note that this is purely business as usual for the devil. He desperate wants worship. And as long as people are blinded by what happened, he is perfectly fine with sincere Christians neglecting God's authority by worshipping upon another day of the week.  Any other argument that outlines otherwise is a man-made fallacy. Adventists go hard on this point because the more you study it, the more you'll see that it was a set up to have Christians INADVERTENTLY WORSHIPPING A BABYLONIAN, ANCIENT MYSTERY RELIGION GOD.  One isn't safe worshipping God everyday. There is a special sacredness that God has placed on the seventh day ...this is an appointed time that He set apart. Think of Adventists, in anyway you like. Go to your Bible and search the History records about our dear Constantine, and past popes. Study to show yourselves approved. This is not to say that Sabbath observance will be a blanket of salvation for those living in willful sin. Willful sin, is exactly that...deliberate. That will not keep anyone of any faith immune from Godly condemnation.

Monday, March 2, 2015

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