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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Don't get left out there

Change is something that can be good, but often the process is painful. In transitioning from Egypt to the Canaan, the Lord used His servant Moses to guide the children of Israel through a desert. This desert was full of tests. And these tests were brought to the children of Israel over and over again. Count how many times for example they were tested with thirst. Many of us believe we would have done way better in their situation, while we are no different. Our faith is a vacillating faith, only strong when we see the immediate or near recent result. Our minds easily forget that the God who paid our bill last month, will put food on the table this month. We fret over job expectations, our aspirations or goals, the rent or the car note, and place our faith in people and in our own devices when God has called us to lean totally on Him. Our expectations are limited to only what we can see, when Christ has called us to have faith IN SPITE of what can or cannot be seen. We lean on our own understanding and live in fear. God wants more from us than that.  The desert is symbolic of many things. It was a purging ground for the chosen people to rid themselves of the practices of Egypt, yet look how quickly they created the golden calf and began to worship it in Moses' absence. See the point? Only when Moses was present did many try to do God's will. But it was a fleeting devotion. And where did they learn how to worship a false God? Of course in Egypt. They still possessed in their heart a desire to serve Satan. And as a result they were denied access to the land promised them. Amazing...12 spies were sent in to Canaan. FINALLY after wandering 40 years in a desert that should have taken them a mere three weeks to journey. Ten were negative reports, and two were good. The minority will never be popular. These two spies with good reports were largely over talked by the ten spies who focused on the people of Canaan being as giants who could crush them. See the point again? Forgetting that God had already promised them this land. Absolutely do not get left in your wilderness because of your insufficient faith. Because that's exactly what happened to the unbelieving host. A God that can create, that can partition a sea for safe passage, that can cast out demons, can surely surpass all the everyday mundane 'problems.'  Seek God first and when the tests come, you will surely pass them.

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