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Monday, May 18, 2015

Deserts Lead to Desserts

Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons. Drama, gossip, lies, immaturity, leading to abuse and brokenness leading to people who are actually closer to God than where they first started, or at least having a desire to be closer to God no matter what the cost.

Last week, I misplaced my wallet. Couldn't find the thing. I found it almost a week later. I'm certain that God allowed it to be removed from me to strengthen a character trait. That could've been patience or dealing with tough circumstances.

Sometimes God removes people out of your lives or allows adversity to occur so you can see their true colors. I've had many such experiences. People who act one way but are another way behind closed doors.

To make a long story short.... never forget the children of Israel when they were journeying through the wilderness. They wouldn't realize how impatient and unfaithful they were if God didn't test them. Often if things aren't pointed out to us we won't see it to correct it. We need mirrors held up so we can see our true reflection. Then it's up to us to change. Our valleys, trials or desserts will lead to our ultimate dessert or triumph.

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